Coffee And Cream Cheese

This morning I was low on butter but I had some organic valley cream cheese so I added a slice of that in with the butter and Mct oil, it tasted pretty awesome .

Was this a bad idea as far as a way to get some more fat and is organic valley a good brand ,sometimes when the store is out of Kerry gold I do what I got to do.


  • Just because it's organic dairy doesn't make it grass-fed-- it just means the cows weren't injected with hormones, antibiotics, etc.  Organic Valley *does* make a grass-fed butter called Pasture Butter (but it is salted, which wouldn't work for BPC) , but the cream cheese is not made from grass fed dairy.  

  • Wow, that sounds pretty nasty! Lol.


    It's not going to hurt you, but I wouldn't make it a consistent thing if the cream cheese isn't from grass fed cows.



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  • I know but so did bpc before tried it .I won't make habit of it but I wanted some fat and thought what the heck,butter is the way to go but it did taste pretty darn good
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