Fasting Failure

This is day 4 for me of the Bullet Proof fasting protocol. Despite following it to the letter, I'm afraid I have to stop as I am just too hungry. The idea of losing a pound a day was enticing but my body isn't going along. I did try the suggestions for hunger but no go. I'll drop back to intermittent fasting and see how that goes.


  • Bummer, David. Good try. Being hungry is the culprit. Hunger is usually insulin related- so if you're insulin spiking for sure you won't lose weight of any kind.
  • If you go right into it, I'd say it has a good chance of not working. Go slow. Get used to the protocol and try it again. The benefits are aplenty, but it IS an adjustment for the body. Afterall, most people are "shocking" their system after decades of operating in a specific manner.
    Life is one giant experiment.
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