Bulletproof Coffee And Work

I cant make Bulletproof coffee at work and Id like a cup or 2 during the day.

If I make a brew in the morning drink one cup.

Can I bring some into work and heat it in the microwave* later or does that denature it or something?

*I understand microwaving is usually a no no, but just to heat the coffee ?


  • 'Betsy' wrote:

    How about a thermos?

    Good idea.. would like to know if a quick warm in the microwave is still a no no though?
  • I tend to re-heat coffee alone in the microwave. Not that bad. However, I wouldn't re-heat the blended version with butter and MCT Oil.

    I use MCT Oil, butter, unsweetened Coconut Milk and a little Stevia in my blend. I blend that up in the morning and take it in a big coffee mug to work. I then brew my coffee at work and mix the coffee in with the blend, stirring with a wisk. It's not as good as blending, but it's close and portable without having to blend it at work.
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    Definitely interested in the "don't microwave BPC" angle. Since the reason stated by Dave that microwaving is bad for the food has to do with denaturing the proteins, that would lead to the theory that the fat heavy coffee would be just fine if you didn't nuke it longer than comfortably hot.

    This is one of my many "dig deeper" questions I have for the guys - I am hoping to get a few of them on the podcast. :smile:

  • I've been using a thermos, no change in taste or consistancy. Don't use a plastic thermos for obvious reasons.
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