Minimum Effective Dose For Butter In Bulletproof Coffee

I would appreciate some guidance on the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) for the amount of butter in Bulletproof Coffee.


Based on the blogs Dave has done and interviews I have seen the following amounts suggested:


+ 2 tablespoons

+ 50 grams

+ Up to 80 grams


Has anybody done any testing to find the optimal level?



  • I tolerate about 50-65 grams of butter in my coffee. The interesting thing is that if I take a nice dose (like 30 grams) of coffee and more than 70 grams of butter and some MCT in it first thing in the morning, I get hungry faster. The best regimen for me is to spread the same amount of coffee in about 3 cups and drink it through the morning and noon, with no more than 70 grams of butter and MCT in it.

  • Jason, thank you for the information.  Are you now at your ideal health and weight level?


    If you are at this level, are you still taking 75g of butter?


    Curious as to the amount of butter for:


    1.  Fat Loss

    2.  Maintenance Mode

    3.  Overall health





    There are too many heights, weights, shapes, and sizes to determine a standard butter quantity.

    What I did was start at 30g, and every week increase it by 15g and see what happens, fat loss seemed to increase at each increment until at 75g, 90g was just a break even, so returned to 75g. You can limit fat loss by having too little fat as well. Everyone's sweet spot is going to be different.

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