Online Censorship/rights/freedom (Tech, Philosophy, Whatever; General Discussion)

***IMPORTANT- NO discussing of torrents, illegal downloading/p2p, or otherwise 'gray' things in this area!  All programs listed are for encryption/security (and all are 'free beer' - most are 'free mind'/Gnu :D ) ****


Alrighty, for the past ~day+half, i've been pretty idle due to injury (crotch boil :( ), and sitting at the computer.  Following true 'wiki-hole' logic, from teh starting point of 'internet censorship in china' wiki article, I ended up reading on, downloading/configuring, and just playing in general w/ all kinds of cool tech security programs/tools/etc.  VERY fascinating stuff!!


I was wondering if anyone else is into this kind of thing?  Which areas interest you?  

I config'd/played w/ tons of interesting stuff (pgg/otr for comm, spotflux/Tor/hamachi/IceWeasel for browsing, truecrypt and cryptophane for system locking/encryption, and probably twice as many things I cannot remember right now)




[note: anything i mention is, again, from the most noobish POV, so plz god do not think that anything i've mentioned actually does offer you true anonymity/security lol, your guess is as good as mine whether it does or doesn't in practice!  This is a fun/theoretical thing for me, nothing more]



Am still in noob-fascination mode at this entire area, and still gotta sit down til this boil is gone - anyone else mess with this stuff?  


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    on the subject of freedom of (digital)thought/speech, i just read an awesome new piece by richard stallman, a grandfather of the libre/GNU/digital freedom movement:


    [as an update to the OP in thread, i found it very fun and worthwhile to play/learn all those systems, but when all was said and done it just bogged-down my oldish laptop too much, so running an 'impure' wide-open windows again lol - 'twas an intellectual, not practical, endeavor anyways :) ]

  • Didn't know you were into this.  I am into IT security and make use of many different technologies that I have heard of from work and also heard of via a very nice podcast called Security Now!  The use of sandboxing and virtual machines is interesting and has some very good capabilities the limits of which are basically your imagination and also I like the idea of full disk encryption, and encrypting my external drives via software like Truecrypt.  I did hear that TOR has been compromised by the gov't but it doesn't concern me overly as I am not really doing anything save ensuring I know how to use it.  One of the more interesting subjects I have lately become interested in is social engineering.  There is a linux based toolkit I put on a DOS bootable usb which I got recommended by this book Very entertaining book btw, many case studies and famous cases to use as object lessons.

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