Anybody Have A Bulletproof Vibe Plate In Calgary I Could Try?

I'm considering going to the expense and trouble of importing one of these but would like to give it a try first. Anybody have one in Calgary (Or Edmonton) I could try out for 15 minutes or so?



Thanks in advance.


  • Same question but in the Seattle WA area.

  • I ended up buckling and buying one and putting it through my reship account to get it to Canada (or atleast I will once it gets to We shall see how this experiment goes

  • I've used it for two days now and I must say I am moderately impressed. It's fairly gentle but you sweat during use and afterwards you definitely feel like you've had a workout. Any other Calgarians out there that want to give it a try (and are willing to put up with my disaster area of a house) can pm me and I'll try to setup a trial for you.

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