Grounding To Prevent Jet Lag

Could someone explain grounding to me without an earthing mat? Dave talked about doing yoga outside and it eliminated any potential jetlag. If that's not really an option, what else can you do? Would sitting on the grass for a little while do the trick? I understand that the point is to reconnect with the rhythm of the earth after being so far removed from it for so long, but I don't fully understand the process.


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    The way I understand it is all electricity wants to go to the earth. As we go about our days, we build up a charge in our bodies and earthing lets that charge go to earth. Lying on the grass is one way, but the earthing mat does the same thing because it is a conductive fabric which you plug into your earthing pin (which in the background is earthed).

    As long as you get contact with a way for the electricity to leave your body and connect with earth you can discharge.


    e.g. lightning is static electricity from clouds moving and creating a charge which builds up to such a large amount that it bolts down to the earth. It can make the leap because of the amount of charge. We'd never build that much up so we have to get closer to the ground.


    Another way which I've seen is you can get an earthing band which you wear on your arm, leg or even around your waist that you connect to a local power outlet. So if you're a desk worker, you can sit there discharging. Similar to those wrist bands people use when assembling computers.

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    Don't you need bare skin on the grass. Walking bare foot on grass might be all you need. Not sure for how long.


    If I laid down on the grass when jetlagged, I'd probably be asleep within a couple of minutes :-)

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    I wondered about skin contact in regard to the earthing mats. I think a layer or two of clothing won't matter unless you're wearing a wetsuit or something that is insulating.


    Going on a limb here, but I think the charge can "spark" or jump from you to the ground through your clothes. There's a formula to work out the distance a certain voltage needs before jumping (although that is through air). If you're lying on the grass or mat the distance is low or none so the voltage required to jump would be lower. So based on that, lying naked in a pond would be better than lying on grass naked, which would be better than lying on grass clothed.

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    Think I'm gonna try and find some grass, take off my shoes and socks and have a walk around for 10 mins after flying in. See if that helps with jetlag. Although I've sort of worked out how to reduce it affecting me too much. +8hrs to location isn't too bad.

  • I'm flying to California in a few days and dying to try this to see if there's any truth to it. How long do you recommend making contact with the ground? And how soon after the flight is ideal? I might have trouble convincing my travel companion it is worth it to chill out for 20 minutes or so on a patch of grass in LA.

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    I didn't experience much jet lag going west. 8hr time difference, was up at 5am uk time and finally slept around 6am uk time (10pm US time), so was up around 25hrs. Slept for 8-9hrs and got up at 7am US and was fine and seemed adjusted to new time zone for the 10 days I was there.


    Pretty much the same on the way back, so didn't give the grounding a go.

  • I don't know if it was placebo or what but I tried the 20 min. Barefoot in grass and it Really seemed to do something...0 jetlag afterwards.....Who knows

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    BulletproofCheesesteak II: Was it a social experiment?


    My strap has arrived to try out.



  • Now, i do not know how this counts as grounding, but I have read about experienced biohackers taking a shoe and sock off and placing their foot on the steel bar on thr bottom of the chair next to them for the whole duration of he flight, in order to prevent jetlag. Any feedback?

  • Not sure but is that a Polar bear or a Giant Golden retriever Chilling on Your Shoulders?

  • Not sure but is that a Polar bear or a Giant Golden retriever Chilling on Your Shoulders?


    lmao.... I appreciate the comment, made my night. That is my dog Buddy.... typical name for a golden retriever, I know lol. I got him when I was around 9.

  • Has anyone heard anything about using Lithium to overcome jetlag?

  • There's all my stuff, including my last post about sleeping 'not' grounded on holiday with poor results.


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    From what I know grass is a poor conductor of energy so sand or dirt would be more optimal.

  • When I was living in Australia, I read the book on grounding(Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?), lot's of evidence to show the science behind this health hacking tool.  One morning I had a killer headache, so I went outside to the park, put as much skin in contact with the grass without exposing too much and placebo or not, the headache was gone in 15 minutes.  Since then I use the grounding bed sheet and feel more rested on the nights it's plugged in, vs. the nights it's not.   

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