Newbie, Some Questions. Many Thanks!

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Hi there!


Vegetarian here.


I don't think I'm going to find it hard to supplement my protein. Thinking pea protien powder, eggs (I can get pastured), high protein vegetables, and I can get grass fed/pastured non-homo/pasturized organic milk, and I may start eating fish again if I feel I need it.



My main question is are my only saturated fat / good fats sources going to be kerrygold and coconut oil?


I just can't see how I'm going to enjoy eating a pound of kerrygold a day.

Infact, how much kerrygold would you be looking at eating a day?



Also, since I won't be eating meat, what nutrients will I have to supplement with?


I am mainly looking for energy in my day, not so concerned with my weight.  Could a 35 / 35 / 30 type diet work for me?


Also is there a list of high risk mycotoxin food list?


Just so I could eat the lesser ones if I need, and use active charcole, and Upgraded Glutathione accordingly.



Many thanks to all!




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    Can I ask the reason that you're a vegetarian? Sometimes you have to lose the labels and just eat what your body needs for proper health.
  • I went through several strange experiences about a year ago, what could be called spiritual experiences, don't know what they were really, but blew a hole in my reality anyways.. After that then meat just dropped off with no real thinking about it. Nowadays the logic I put to it is that I love cows and other animals, and I know I couldn't personally kill one of those for my meal.. I started eating fish again a while back but have just recently gavin it up again for meditation purposses, cus I think I may catch a fish and kill it, though I actually have to try this out yet.
  • Ok so I found a mycotoxin list that Dave had in a slide, and I'm fairly sure avoiding them won't be too bad.


    In relation to the fat vs carb thing, will I run into a problem if I don't strictly keep a 50 fat intake? 

    Like how does the ketosis thing work, if I don't keep it high, or if I frequently eat small amounts of carbs, will I never start into Ketosis?


    Many thanks,


  • I'd like to share an article as food for thought, if you don't mind.  I love cows and pigs and chickens too, but there is a strong argument for the case that vegetarians actually do more harm than good when it comes to animals and our environment.  Just something to consider:


  • This is interesting!


    Can we forget that I ever mentioned vegetarianism here, it doesn't seem to go down well here at all by the looks of it, and could I get advice on the other questions I asked?


    Thank you.

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    Getting the butter in is easy. Put it in your coffee (i do 40-60g per mug), put it on your food. Blend it with your protein, Eat it RAW! with some Hsalt :-P


    Think you need to use the search on here too. Lots to read and learn.


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