I get heartburn - not bad, nor long in duration - after consuming fat (butter, cream, MCT, etc.) and starchy carbs. I've tried enzymes but they seem to make it worse. A little baking soda in water knocks it out right away.

I suffered from acid reflux (GERD) for nearly 12 years and took Prilosec daily for 7 - 8 years. Went strict paleo 3+ years ago and it went away within a couple of months. The heartburn I have now is not reflux, it's lower in my chest, not up in my throat and it goes away within 45 minutes or so. My GERD never went away unless I was on Prilosec.

Any suggestions? Is baking soda Bulletproof?


  • Also, why would I get heartburn from drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach? Note: I drink a 12oz glass of water first thing in the morning, right after waking up, and no heartburn. The heartburn usually comes in the afternoon or evening.
  • I actually found this type of diet after suffering from gerd that got so bad I could not swallow for a few months. I still have some of the same issues. It sounds counterintuitive, and get a second opinion, but I started taking an HCL tablet for a few weeks when I started increasing the fat I was eating. Also, if I eat ANY form of grains I start getting strange episodes...and my pain actually hits my back. I think the water alone may mess with your stomach's PH. I have found that if I eat first, and then drink, I have less issues. I never drink water without food in my gut anymore, and if I am drinking just water, I add pink sea salt to it. I can't think of any reason this would help the reflux, but I definitely feel better with it. For emergencies, I usually carry around tums, but I try not to take them, because it screws up your gut even more (like the drugs did...it causes your stomach to overcompensate, thus requiring more and more forever). Also, when you reduce the acidity of your gut, your food does not get properly digested, and basically rots in your gut. Maybe thats why the HCL pill helps, because it artificially increases the PH, thereby causing your gut to produce less acid (opposite baking soda/prilosec). It has been 2 years, and I have come to the conclusion finally that any cheat at all causes severe reactions. I can't do wheat for sure, and I avoid other grains. I also don't do milk or ice cream anymore, because that seemed to really aggravate everything. When I start having issues, I avoid protein powders, and stick to real foods...eggs and bacon for breakfast, and sometimes I skip the rest of my meals for the day and increase my IF time. Since you already tried the enzymes, try slightly less and slightly more, and see if that works... if it makes it worse, you said you can knock it out. When I broke away from Nexium, I felt like I was dying again for about 2 weeks...worst pain ever, but I think the gut needs some time to readjust how it reacts when it doesn't have to compensate for pills and quick fixes.
  • I was also feeling very acidic and had hot lava shooting up the back of my throat at mid day or later in the day. I never had this problem before, which started only after I began a strict Bulletproof Diet. So I did a little experimenting and discovered that, in my case at least, it was simply lactose intolerance.

    Butter was the major culprit. I switched from butter to ghee and immediately the acidic feeling in my gut and the burning in my throat disappeared. My stomach is much more settled today, and this is after consuming about twice as much ghee as I would butter. Similarly, I discovered last week that Whey Concentrate really messes with me, so I switched to Whey Isolate and again noticed immediate improvement. (The difference is that Whey Concentrate and Butter contain lactose and casein, while Why Isolate and Ghee do not.)

    Also, I think the symptoms show up after noon because, if your system doesn't process it well, dairy digests too slowly and accumulates throughout the day. Eventually your stomach becomes too acidic and starts coming back up.

    So, dairy intolerance may or may not be the case for you, but I suggest it's a good place to start testing:
    1. Immediately switch to ghee instead of butter. (especially if you drink BP Coffee, which is a large hit of butter start of day).
    2. Avoid cream and such for a few days; anything with too much overt dairy.
    3. If you happen to take whey protein concentrate, switch to an isolate or hydrolysate.

    After a day or two, you will know if it's a dairy intolerance issue or not. Worst case is that you can cross dairy off as a possible cause, and incidentally, ghee is slightly healthier than butter anyway. For what it's worth, I really doubt that MCT oil or starchy carbs are to blame, but that may be something to experiment with if dairy is not at fault.

    That's my two cents anyway, hope it helps and good luck!
  • Thank you JedaroJr and Amored Gorilla for your replies - I know the pain you have gone through with GERD. However, this is not GERD I am experience - at least not the acid in the throat, wake you up at night with acid in your sinuses kind I had before. This is just a mild to uncomfortable heat in my lower gut/stomach that I can sometimes cure with just a cup of water. And, like I said, a cup of water on an empty stomach can sometimes bring it on. Also, I have been grain free (except for occasional white rice) for over 3 years and the only dairy I consume is grass fed butter and cream, which gave me no problems before Bulletproof coffee. Except for cream in hot coffee or hot tea later in the day or evening, and sometimes cream with gum additives (I believe I have an issue with gum additives of any type).

    I have started an experiment / resolution protocol that I have been documenting on Twitter - hashtag #BulletproofCoffee - and that I'm going to post on the Forum under Bulletproof Coffee. You might want to follow the action at either venue.

    Thanks again for your input it is truly appriciated.
  • For me lack of HCL with betaine which Dave recommends is what changed everything. I also took DGL and have been heartburn free for over a year now. I use 4-6 tbs of butter and 4-6 tbs of coconut oil plus some organic heavy whipping cream in 2 cups of coffee everyday, plus I eat lots of meat every day and no GERD heartburn or other digestive complaint. My gastroenterologist wanted me to use proton pump inhibitors and I refused and found a different solution. PPI's are not a solution to the problem.
  • Zygo - thanks for your response. HCL didn't work for me - made it worse. What worked was a half teaspoon (the kind you stir your tea with) of raw honey in my BPC - all issues are gone. Can't say I like the taste - so I'm trying a tsp (the measuring kind) of unprocessed coconut palm sugar - only 3 grams of sugar, which is about the same as my 1/2 tsp of raw honey. Seems to be working and it doesn't change the taste.

    My heartburn and GERD went away soon after I quit grains and beans over three years ago. It only came back when I switched to BPC. However, I was not drinking "hot" coffee or tea - I only drank iced with heavy whipping cream. If I did try a hot cup with cream, I got a sour stomach and a little heartburn. That's what 65 years of following government dietary advise and conventional medical wisdom will get you! Ha.
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