Hippy Bullshit Time

I need some help of the hippy variety. When you're all doing your emWave sessions today, I want you to visualise me getting a good price when I sell my car this week so I can buy a motorbike. I just need $5000 and then my partner will "allow" me to buy the bike! Come on guys! You know I love you dirty bitches :)


Anything more than $5000 will also be appreciated ;)

No sorcery, just science. 


  • TJ JTJ J skratta pa klocka
    edited April 2013

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    Do you "play" the stock market? What are you really getting in return for that money? Get in good with the creator, Invest that money in my ministry and you will gain eternal rewards.  The divedends you will reap make millionaire atheist brokers look like peasants in the eyes of the almighty.

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