Digestive And Immunological Issues With Upgraded Whey?

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I've been following BP for about 6 months now and must say, have felt pretty epic for the time that I stick to the lifestyle.  Within the last 4 years, I've become extremely sensitive with how my body reacts to certain foods.  In 2009 I switched from the typical Western diet to fully vegan, then went vegetarian after 1 year of that.  Upon cutting out all dairy, I felt much better.  Then went paleo in 2012, and finally went upgraded paleo (BP) 6 months ago.  Feel supreme.


Always had underlying digestive issues with dairy; milk and cheese jack me up digestively, and forget about creams.  I'd label myself at least lactose sensitive.  Not doubled over, but no one wants to be around me after a lactose full meal.  I've even had immunological response testing (IgA response to certain food antigens)  showing a somewhat elevated response to milk products.


Switched to BP.  To my surprise, I have zero problems with gf Kerrygold.  In fact, the only slow adjustment I made was to the MCT at first.  After 2 weeks of it and Kerrygold in BP coffee, I could drink it straight.  


Last week I received my first order of Upgraded Whey.  I used regular wheys in the past as a workout supplement to help keep on lean mass.  Used to feel bloated, get some gas, and break out with red dots around the eyes.  Stopped using it.  Felt better...win.  


So after much thought, I told myself what the hey I'll try the undenatured, gf whey that Upgraded offers and see if I react the same "whey."  3 days ago, I mixed 2 tbsps of it with water post workout around 7:30am.  Felt fine until 9:30 rolled around and I was in class suffering from major head fog with my face completely red and breaking out.  Classmates were like WTF happened to you?  Started recovering later that afternoon, but then started sneezing from some nasty allergies which I haven't had since cleaning up my diet.  I know its not the MCT, cuz I drink upgraded MCT daily with no probs at all. 


Long story short, anyone experience similar allergic responses to this type of whey?  Any other lactose sensitive folks out there that can tolerate this brand of whey?  I'm just curious, not trying to knock the Upgraded Self products, actually my cupboard is full of the brand (and I spread the word to everyone important to me).  It's part of me tracking my responses and identifying particular problem foods for me.  Data gathering.


Thanks e'rbody,



  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    If you have a dairy sensitivity than whey concentrate is not for you - you should be taking isolate like Jason suggested.


    The most ideal form of isolate is cross flow microfiltered (CFM) as this is the type of processing that is the least destructive on the molecules.

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