Heavy Metal Detox & Candida

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Last night I was doing a little reading on dental amalgams and mercury poisoning, when I came upon the subject of Candida, of all things. I don’t recall if this has been discussed elsewhere on Bulletproof Exec, but I found the info interesting and wanted to share – so forgive me if I am being repetitive.

According to the (limited amount of) research I’ve done on the subject, yeast overgrowth can typically be attributed to certain medications, poor diet, stress, and as a result, lowered immunity. In my mind, this meant: Yeast is bad! Kill it! When I found out that the coconut oil that I am taking is great for killing that and other bad bugs in the body, I happily took my couple tbsp a day and endured the “die-off” effects that The Internets told me I would experience.

Well, health practitioners in Europe have totally different feelings about Candida. They are of the belief that yeast growth is a beneficial biological response to the presence of excessive amounts of heavy metals/toxins in the body. In order to protect our cells from damage that metals and toxins can cause, our bodies allow for the cultivation of yeast which binds to the metals/toxins, and as a result, our cells are able to live to see another day.

Turns out that those “die-off” effects caused by medications or other treatments, like coconut oil, could very well be the dead yeast cells releasing those previously bound metals and toxins back into the body! Here’s the article: http://www.drheise.com/dental.htm .

Have any of you studied this more in depth and been able to find studies on this topic?

Needless to say, I am definitely looking into different methods of heavy metal detox, and once I’m done school and can afford it, my amalgams are coming OUT.

Dave and Bulletproof intern, I know you’ve mentioned chlorella on multiple occasions. Do either of you have experience with modified citrus pectin? I found the abstract of a study the USDAdid, which showed that it may be quite effective: http://ddr.nal.usda.gov/handle/10113/28484 . How does this compare to the effectiveness of chlorella? And is cilantro a viable option, or would one have to eat an unreasonable amount to gain any benefit?

Yes, lots of questions. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say on the topic!


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