Couch To 14K... In 15 Weeks.



  • A few weeks ago I had a spanner thrown in the works. I've got some follow-up blood work to do before I get the all clear. This means I can't do THIS race. I'm certainly keen to get some of you BP animals together for something else later in the year though. One of those obstacle courses (Tough Mudder, etc) would be bad ass!


    i'm doing tough mudder in october on the sunday, i'd love to have a bigger group!

  • Having a goal is great but I would question the goal you have in mind.  You are talking about a lot of time and sweat and the endgame you are going to get a little metal and perhaps resemble the human equivalent to a greyhound.  I live in an area where I see runners all the time and never do I look at them and say to myself "holy crap I want to start running so I can look like that".  On the other hand there is a crossfit gym near where I live and the men and women there look like superheroes.  That gives me pause and makes me want to give that a go.  The other option that enters my head is jujitsu.  There you can get in shape and learn to choke the hell out of anyone who needs.  Now, these are not as concrete a goal as 14k but in my mind the end result is still fitness.  

    I should also mention that it seems all studies I hear about exercise being good for you states anaerobic not aerobic.  




    this is exactly what i think.  running just to run seems like such a mind-numbing and pointless activity.  if you really like to run, do it.  if 14k is an accomplishment you feel will make your life better, do it.  my personal opinion is that there are better things to accomplish with lasting results that actually mean something if you want accomplishment.  also, such long distances seem to me to be more abuse of your body than anything positive.  perhaps the motivation of having gone from bad physical condition to just be able to say that you can run such a distance is enough for you.  if it is, enjoy it.  it's not the route i'd take.


    my opinion of running is that if i'm trying to run a certain distance, the only thing on my mind during the entire exercise is thinking about what fraction of the distance i have finished.  it's not something that exhilarates or expands my being or gets me meditative.  i just want it over.  i don't enjoy it.  a lot of people do, so my feeling isn't universal - if i'm running i want to run with intensity rather than pacing for a distance and i do it chasing down a ball or opponent playing basketball or racquetball for competition and camaraderie and FUN.  running just to run doesn't give me any of that.  the only (physical) training i do for training rather than for fun and activity with friends is my resistance training.

  • I should also mention that I know two runners and both are sidelined with injuries right now(one shin the other knee and just got out of surgery(!) the guy with the knee injury has only been running for a year).  Now, maybe these people need to get their mitts on Becoming a Supple Leopard and learn to run properly but I just can't ignore those results.  Come to think of it my mother and a friend of the family also were told to stop running after they both destroyed their knees(both of them did it over a decade).  I've been lifting weights for 25 years and have zero nagging injuries.  Just sayin....

  • 15km is quite far dont ruin your joints or heart, if you have no running experience you should carefully build up

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    Well here we are. The run is on Sunday and I've done ZERO training!


    This is going to be fun! :???:

  • Well here we are. The run is on Sunday and I've done ZERO training!


    This is going to be fun! :???:


    good luck! think of dave's stance on cardio any time you find yourself winded and you'll do fine

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    Thanks! I'll be running in my bulletproof tshirt so I'll just be embarrassed if I slack off ;-)
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    2:00:30 was my time! Although I walked for about 90% of it, my stupid knee wouldn't let me run after a while and stayed that way through the whole thing, as well as 3 days after. I didn't stop once though, power walked as much as possible.

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    Good work!! I was sitting at the Bavarian Bier Cafe since 8am guarding a table for when my mates finished. Now that I've got a clean bill of health on my liver, I can actually train for something else. I'm still keen to get started on Judo soon. 

    No sorcery, just science. 

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