Magnesium Orotate

I'm currently doing an intense bulking phase. I also play sports here and there along with that. 2 months ago I went on the bulletproof vitamin regimen to keep my energy in check during these times. I also eat along the bulletproof diet guidelines probably every other day. 


So my Natural Calm Magnesium was running out and I decided to buy a new kind of Magnesium after reading up on the Magnesium Thread on this forum. I was looking into getting either Magnesium Arginate or ZMK. The only arginate available had something else attached to it and the ZMK had too much selenium, which I already am taking.


I went with Magnesium Orotate because it was the only other one mentioned that was beneficial for athletic performance. I bought the Advanced Research one which was recommended. 


I took a 500mg pill before going to bed and woke up an hour later feeling very energized. My head felt a big compressed and I kept needing to pee (is this the increase in uric acid that's mentioned in the magnesium thread?). Before this I was only taking 300mg of Natural Calm a day (magnesium citrate). I though maybe the dose was too much.


I did a few experiments with it afterwards:


1) Took a pill before a meal and worked out afterwards. Again the very energized feeling came which actually gave me quite a pump for the workout. But it didn't feel natural. And my head still felt kind of weird.


2) Broke a pill into little pieces and took a quarter of it at a time throughout the day. This felt better, although there was still an awkward headspace.


3) Tried taking 500mg of the Natrual Calm I still had left. This actually felt way more normal. The Natural Calm that I been taking actually did calm me down.


4) I have since been taking half pieces of the Magnesium Orotate on workout days before meals (as recommeded on the bottle) and it seems like I'm getting used to it. The little bit of energy does help with the workouts.


So.... most things I've read say that magnesium should help calm you down before going to sleep.   Has anyone had the opposite effect and have gotten energized from it? Am I having some kind of weird reaction to the orotate? It seems I'm getting use to taking half a pill at a time, but is it okay to break a pill in half and take it the next day?

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