Vegetables-Limited Or Unlimited? Do They Block Fat Absorption?


I am starting out the bulletproof intermittent fasting with the goal to lose weight. I have quite a fair amount to lose. My past diet experiences have been with low fat VLCDs. I am certain my metabolic state is not as good as it could be.

My question is regarding the vegetables in the green area of the bulletproof diet. Does one need to worry about the caloric content of these vegetables when one is trying to lose weight?

I also have a passion for raw carrots, I have heard so many mixed things about them, calories absorbed, calories not absorbed, calories only absorbed if they are cooked etc. Even so far as to hear that raw carrots and other raw things like cabbage can inhibit the absorption of dietary fats.

Is this true?

Being somebody who has been convinced a few green leaves and some other odd bits chucked in a bowl with some "low calorie" dressing (full of sugar and god knows whatever toxins and preservatives) was a meal, the bulletproof diet is a really interesting and awesome concept.

Thanks very much,



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