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So, for the past few weeks I have not been able to chug down even a single cup of BP coffee, or BP tea actually, without having violent, butter-yellow diarrhoea (the liquid goes through my GI tract so fast that I also sprayed out totally undigested pieces of beef, I am not kidding when I state that this is a serious problem for me)  30-60 minutes after consuming the coffee. I believe this is not a problem that only I am experiencing, however it does not seem overly common as to a point were one should warrant people against BP coffee. BP coffee should be on the list next to the wheel and the personal computer as one of humanity's great inventions, and it is a sin for every GI tract to refuse to digest this holy drink. Therefore, I think, that to deal with this problem properly, so that future BP'ers will not face the same problem, we should combine our brain powers, and figure out how to correct this tiny, slightly smelly problem.


As I see it, there is a list of supplements that should be combined to deal with this problem, however the timing and the standard dose (which of course should be personalised as per experience) should be set up as to give a good line of guidance to people. Here are the supplements that I identify as crucial:


Ox bile - As I understand this supplement, it is the number one gun to have in your tool shed when it comes to fat digestion. People are quick to talk about b-HCL, however, the ox bile seems to be far more relevant to specifically fat digestion. I have tried to search the internet for information on ox bile, however I seem to find so little, no sources that seem to provide any information that is worth the while to read. I may be wrong, and it may be that ox bile only is a component of a larger stack, but as I see it, this is the really important one. Also, is it correct that this supplement is very beneficial, perhaps even completely necessary for people without gallbladders? If so, people who for a variety of reasons have partially obstructed ducts around the pancreas/duodenum should maybe also look into this? 


Timing of dose needs to be set fast


Standard dose also, however this can be derived from the label of any good supplement containing this component.


b-HCL - Okay, so this is the general, deal-with-it-all tool, that seems to be more oriented towards general digestion, and breaking down proteins and carbohydrates. Maybe, I do not know this, but if so, this could be very beneficial to take when massively over-feeding, along with digestive enzymes (coming later). It seems that it is very easy to find guides on the internet to take this supplement, so maybe this one is slightly easier than the above, however what I have found is that some argue that b-HCL should be taken approximately 45 minutes after ingestion of a meal, and some argue for intake around the beginning of the meal. In this case, it would be awesome to hear peoples experience with this, so that a consensus on what is likely to work best can be established. Also, can we agree on, that taking a large dose of b-HCL WITHOUT experiencing a following burn in the stomach is a very reliable sign of your intestinal lining is intact? 


Timing of dose needs to be set fast


Standard dose seems to vary so much, so this will depend entirely on each individual, also in relation to gut health and capability of digestion food.


Digestive enzymes/pancreatin - So lastly, here we are at the very juicy juice that is responsible for breaking down our food. As I understand it, there are certain enzymes that one should be aware of and make sure is in the digestive enzyme supplement that one is taking. I believe these are lipase, amylase etc. (This is important to establish clearly). Also, when stacking with the above supplements, is it possible that there needs to be careful timing with these, as to not cancel out one or another, I think this is likely. This is the supplement I have the least of experience with, I have just bought a couple of bottles of digestive enzymes, and toyed around with it for a bit, however it is not clear to me if they have been very effective. 


Timing of dose needs to be set fast


Types of enzymes that should be in a supplement, as a baseline, should also be established


Standard dose properly has a great variety, so I hope that there will be plenty of discussion as to figure out various doses in relation to different needs.


I hope that we can work this out as a community, so that in the future this thread can be found by people having a little trouble with adaption of the BP diet. We are a community, and therefore here to help out each other (this is what makes the BP community especially awesome, since it seems that generally people are very happy to help :D).


Now I have to go to the toilet.


PS - The reason that I posted this under the BP diet and not coffee is that it properly makes more sense, since that, people will likely not only experience a little trouble in relation to BP coffee, but generally to fat adaption. I am thinking of people who have for half of their lives religiously avoided fat etc. 


  • Great someone had the guts to post this I was having big issues but since I stopped  MCT oil and just BPC + butter I have had no issues.


    I may introduce MCT again to see if that was the culprit & if so may try coconut oil + butter.


    Right now Im happy just using butter its cheaper and does the job for me...

  • Great someone had the guts to post this I was having big issues but since I stopped  MCT oil and just BPC + butter I have had no issues.


    I may introduce MCT again to see if that was the culprit & if so may try coconut oil + butter.


    Right now Im happy just using butter its cheaper and does the job for me...


    Very interesting post. I have been experimenting with removing MCT oil from the blend, however it still does not do the trick. Funny thing is, when I drink MCT right out of the bottle, even on an empty stomach, well I am fine, or at least I do not even come close to the armageddon that descends upon my intestines with the full blend. 


    I am going to try ghee to see if it is a casein intolerance. 

  • Yep Clarified butter / Ghee would have been my next option. Lets us know how you go...

  • I will update on it, definitely. 

  • katolotuskatolotus ✭✭✭

    I was talking about something like this in this thread.




    Since I've been getting the odd 'quick run to the bowl' after using the bowl already that the mornings. Thinking it might be the MCT in the BPC too, as since I finally got to 30ml a day in my coffee, it's sort of started, although I don't remember exactly.


    I'll be following this thread closely ;-)


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  • I've never had stomach issues with BPC (*knocks on wood*), but it does seem to be common, and it's usually the MCT oil that's the culprit.


    Thanks for sharing, will be bookmarking just in case I have issues in the future... :???:



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  • I am just going to post the brand of the enzymes complex that I am taking currently, and post the contents so we can compare:


    Brand name: BIOVEA digestive enzyme complex




    Bromelain (from pineapple fruit) 120 GDU (What ever that means)

    Papain (from papaya fruit) 6000,000 FCCPU 

    Protease (Aspergillus orzyae) 10 SAPU

    Amylase (Aspergillus orzyae) 400 DU

    Lipase (Aspergillus niger) 60 FCCLU - This one is really important right?

    Protease (Aspergillus orzyae) 400 HUT

    Lactase (Aspergillus orzyae) 20 ALU

    Cellulase (Trichoderma longbrachiatum) 10 CU

    Hermicellulase (Aspergillues niger) 10 HCU

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    It should be noted that one should slowly ramp up the use of MCT oil. I never did at first but I only dealt with an hour long or so stomache pain. I would say if you are spraying undigested food and butter out your rear its best to start slow. ;)

    Do you have your gall bladder?

  • Conzed92Conzed92
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    Man... I was for a second considering posting a picture, but you know, then again....

    Anyways, yeah I do have my gall bladder. However, and I will clarify this tomorrow, there might be something wrong with it. I am having an ultrasound, tomorrow, and this will further clarify the issue.

    Oh and, post guys, POST! If you have any experience with tackling this issue and/or are taking any of these digestive supplements! I think it is important to gather as much information as possible.
  • Update!


    I had my liver, gallbladder and all related scanned by ultrasound today :D Interesting lack of finding. I can now attest that, at least for me, there is not even a single hint of gallstones! Maybe I am very fat-adapted. Neither do I have ulcers. All in all the doctor told that my intestines were perfectly healthy, happy, happy story. I wonder if anyone has been hit by something like or actual gallstones while following this diet. 


    I have been experimenting a little today. Drank almost a liter of coffee, without butter and MCT, not even the slightest hint of rumbly bumbly stomach. I also consumed a little MCT oil fresh from the bottle, on an empty stomach, no problem either. The problem with BPC seems to arise when I combine the ingredients. This seems strange to me :) Tomorrow I will try butter and coffee, no MCT.

  • Good new you may be right butter + MCT may have made me combust as well havent tried MCT only tho... 

  • When I first started with BP coffee I did it with coconut oil instead. Do not remember any problems really. 

  • Interesting info.


    I started slowly with the MCT about a 6 weeks ago, and got up to 1 Tbsp / day in the morning.


    I've had no issue with it until the other day, when I doubled the MCT in my coffee to 2 Tbsp and had the worse diarrhea I can remember.

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