Non-Coconutty Coconut Oil

Hiya ! For those people who like coconut oil but not the flavour (ie: me) I have found two organic ones which fit the bill in Australia.


The first is the Melrose Refined organic coconut oil - only comes in a the 300g jar for @ $9  and also A Sip of Paradise Tasteless Coconut Oil -  a bit  harder to find, which is 700ml for @ $16-$18.


I don't mind the flavoured stuff for baking, but I find bacon and eggs cooked in it downright strange :D I also find it hard to take tablespoons of the flavoured stuff for oil pulling, but again, don't have the problem with the flavourless stuff.


I thought I'd put this up here because this Forum has been really useful to me in my quest to find better foods for me and my family, so I thought I'd return the favour :D



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