Can't Find Kerrygold Locally...breakstone?



In acclimating myself to a higher fat diet in the morning, I've started gradually introducing MCT Oil and butter into my coffee.


Currently though, my supermarkets don't carry grass-fed butter.


Does anybody know anything about Breakstone butter, by Keller's Creamery? Its kosher, haha, but I  guess that doesn't really matter. No information it seems on their website.


I've been slowly acclimating myself using this brand, but would like to be sure its not BP before I go and order KerryGold from Amazon for much much higher prices. 


My current BP Coffee(gradual acclimation) - Chock Full of Nuts Coffee(most likely not BP), Breakstone Butter, non-salted, and MCT Oil. 


Slow transition before going full-blown bulletproof. 

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