Real Bulletproof Coffee - No Comparison

For the past few months I was turned on to Bulletproof Coffee by a friend. Begrudgingly I gave it a try and was surprised to find out how delicious it was. At the time I was using a locally roasted bean, grassfed butter and Trader Joe's coconut oil. I was in Heaven, found that it helped my IF each day and provided a pleasant "buzz." And then I changed over to the Upgraded Coffee and MCT Oil...

It's a cliche these days, but you have the red pill and the blue pill from the Matrix. I forgot the color I chose, but let's just say the REAL BPC is a game changer. I was amped up yesterday as I consumed my first real cup with MCT. My head was a-buzz, my thoughts were a-plenty and I would be a fool to ever go back to anything but this stuff on a daily basis. This, alongside a few other items including my Earthing Mat, have finally allowed me to break a weight plateau I have been at for a few weeks.

Thanks Dave for the great content, the research you do, and the inspiration it has had on myself and my girlfriend's life. Hardly a day goes by that I don't talk about BPC, see the scrunched up faces like I used to have and just smile. The world has changed.


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