Alpha Brain?

Has anyone else tried AlphaBrain from OnIt Labs? I was having trouble finding Aniracetam reliably before Bulletproof started carying it, so I gave it a whirl. I observed noticable results in increased cognative ability, focus and mood. When I forgot it for a week-long business trip, I missed it. After about 3 months though, I'm back to being a fuzzy-brained idiot. I'm not controling for other factors, especially getting on the bulletproof diet, so I'm not willing to write it off wholesale. Anyone else have experience with AlphaBrain?


  • Surprised no one answered this yet.

    I'm using Alpha Brain now. It is great stuff. I think the mental boost is much more noticeable than with the aniracetam/piracetam/CDP choline stack or the Smart Nutrion "Get Smart" stack (from the same company which supplies the aniracetam which Dave Asprey retails).

    I would go so far as to say that Alpha Brain approaches the effectiveness of modafinil, though the experiences are quite different. I was doing a clean paleo and then bullet proof diet before I started nootropics, so I am confident about the causality.
  • I tried alpha brain for a couple weeks, I felt some difference as if connections of ideas in my mind were a bit quicker, BUT I will say this with me I didn't feel the difference was very significant. However maybe it would be good to try it on a healthier diet with more fat (which I now understand helps a lot with the absorption of vitamins and nutrients if you consume the fat with the supplements in the same meal)
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    I have yet to fuly explore alpha brain because I haven't gotten around to taking it regularly, so it's hard to judge the full impact of it. I just take it on weekends, sometimes. However, often when I've taken it a few hours before bed, it has increased the sexual content of my dreams immensely, like nearly every time. I can't really comment on the cognitive capabilities because, again, I haven't taken it regularly but it does have some effect on my dreams.

    On an interesting note, sometimes I take vitamin b6 and coQ10 before bed and that really seems to promote dream vividness and the ability to really remember the dreams upon awaking
  • Has anybody tried combining modafinil with alpha brain?
  • I've been on Alpha Brain for two weeks and haven't noticed any effects. I've been doing N-Back training for the last 2 months and haven't noticed any improvements due to alpha brain. Previously I was on Piracetam (800mg) + Choline and I noticed slight improvement in my n-back scores.

    Goes without saying, Alpha Brain is crazy expensive ($70 for 1 month supply). I am going back to the piracetam once my alpha brain is done.
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    Alpha Brain works for me when I take it, but I don't have any experience with aniracetam so I don't know how it compares. Also, the AB I have is the old formula, before they started putting theanine in it. I mention this because theanine has a calming effect, and when I'm on AB I can definitely tell my brain is firing quicker, but I also notice how ADD I apparently am. I've always had problems with concentrating on any given subject, so I think this is more to do with increased self-awareness as to my internal thought processes when taking AB--not due to the nootropic effect necessarily, but because I'm always curious to see what kind of effect it has.
  • I take a small dose of Klonopin daily for vertigo - can I take both or are there any adverse reactions?
  • I like it for reading. It doesn't make me irritable like piracetam did.
  • Alpha brain? Is that the one with the mushrooms?
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  • No alpha brain does not contain mushrooms. Onnit has other supplements shroom tech sport and shroom tech immune. I have tried alpha brain and aracitam. I feel they both work. Are they worth it not sure. I also started taking after I became full Bp. So how much is diet or the supplements? I have also tried onnit new mood supplement. It's a night time 5 htp supplement. I took it for a few months and ran out 2 weeks ago. You know I really do notice a difference in my mood.
  • I tried AB together with Shroom Tech & New Mood. Gave me good energi, better focus and lots of crazy dreams
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