Sweetener Question(S)

Looking for some feedback on the sweetener section of the guide.

I found a local product I like that has some sweeteners in it that I can't figure out if it's ok or not.

The sweeteners are:

Luo Han

Rebiana A

I did google Rebiana A and found its an extraced/condensed form of Stevia, but not sure if it would still be BP.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



  • Rebiana is highly-refined and there isn't much research I could find on it. Like many sweeteners, there likely isn't any long-term usage data that is out there. Given how it is produced, processed and used, I'd be wary of using it in excess. Obviously, compared to some other sweeteners (and sugar alcohols), I'd say it's a better option. It is derived from Stevia, which is the preferred sweetener on the BPD. I use Stevia on a regular basis in coffee and for other uses. I personally wouldn't use Rebiana with the freedom I use Stevia until I know more about it, and definitely if there is some obvious side effect of its use.

    Didn't know a lot about Luo Han, but have seen it listed in many products. Doing a quick search, it looks like it is derived from Monk Fruit, a traditional Chinese herb. Again, the only concern here is that this is extracted from the fruit so it's likely much more highly refined. However, like Rebiana, unless it's causing you obvious problems, it's better than some of the alternatives.

    Like all sweeteners, nobody is going to be able to provide a concrete answer. I treat them as an N=1 thing.
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