Effect Of Caffeine Decreasing

I have been drinking a cup of coffee each day for over 3 months now which adheres to the BP coffee criteria as outlined by Dave in one of his posts.

With time, I definitely noticed that the stimulating positive effect of caffeine on my body has been decreasing. I now need more than one cup daily to get same effect as at the beginning.

Do you guys think that taking a "coffee fast" for some time would help restore my ability to get the same stimulating benefit from just one cup of coffee again?


  • I would for sure. Caffeine does have addictive proterties and you can "get used to it"

    Most people can restore their sensitivity to caffenine with 1-2 weeks off.
  • Good thought Trevor. I was thinking about cycling the coffee myself as I am getting less and less thermogenic effect from it, but side effects (sleep disturbance, anxiety) are increasing. Will switch to green tea for 2 weeks and let you know how it works.

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  • Luckly I've found my sweet spot for coffee.

    I can have up to 3 cups a day, providing they are before 2:30pm and feel great, sleep great, and still get benefits from it.

    If I use coffee that doesn't meet daves standards I start having sleep issues that same night, I get achey, have headaches, and need to 2-3 pots to get any benefit from it.

    Something that I've found kinda "resets" me is a 24-32 hr fast.

    I might have 1-2 cups of coffee during that fast, but it keeps me right in the sweet spot with everything.
  • Good to know. I'll keep that info in my back pocket.

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