Lowering Iron/ferritin Without Donating Blood

I've put together a few ideas on reducing iron/ferritin... hope this helps folks.

My ferritin is currently fine, but I worry that after months of dramatically increased red meat that it will climb and climb.

MY problem is that I cannot donate blood (and this is true of at least 15% of the population, for various reasons). So the question comes up, how do you get rid of excess iron in that situation. Old-style therapies used leeches and I have heard of this practice coming back but it is still not really feasible to most.

The only thing I have turned up online is basically the same as donating blood but it requires a prescription (ick):


It would make me worry that the doc would not want to grant the scrip because "you're eating too much meat!".

The other way that I have "reliably" killed off iron stores in the past is footstrike hemolysis. Basically that is smooshing/destroying red blood cells from the impact of running, and it's a common runner's side effect.

Women have a natural way of reducing iron, but that's not available to all humans (or all women, for that matter). image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' />
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