Bulletproof Coffee + Chia Mix, Noob Experimenting

Hello everyone. I am new to bulletproof and Dave Asprey - but already feel it has changed my life in significant ways. I am just pacing myself getting going. One thing I just recently tried and would love to get some feed back on is my BPC CHIA mixture.


So far my morning routine is like this


1. 16oz cup of BPC coffee around 630am


2.)10amish i have another - but this time I heat up a tablespoon of chia seeds in hot water with the butter and HTC oil - then after the seeds do their thing - blend it all in with the coffee, so my second cup is almost like a stew. I find this also gives me some fiber.


I've experimented with this for only a few days, I get more results for not feeling hungry til the afternoon.


thoughts on this mixture?


  • Genius!

    Thanks for the idea, bubblefish.  I should have thought of this myself. 

    Have had great success with chia in my cold, carbonated Kombucha. Many flavors available from G.T.Dave in 16 oz glass bottles at healthfood stores,  www.GTSkombucha.com  .  Half bottle makes very filling and refreshing afternoon beverage. No longer desire other carbonated beverages.


    With addition of BP coffee in morning to elimnate hunger, this makes Intermittent Fasting a breeze.

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