Flavorwave: Who Has It Or Uses It?

I heard this mentioned on one of the BP podcasts and was wondering if anyone has bought or used one?

I'm looking for a way to cook my proteins that doesn't oxidize or otherwise destroy them.


I'm not a big fan of counter-top devices, but if it's really worth it, it isn't that expensive.


  • I have a NuWave (Same thing) and it is the best investment I've ever made as far as cookware.
  • 'Trevor wrote:

    I have a NuWave (Same thing) and it is the best investment I've ever made as far as cookware.

    Can you fill in a little more info? Amazon Link? What do you do with it...recipes, cuts of meat, etc.? Why do you love it? Why is it Bulletproof?

  • I second dpwdan...details, details, details.
  • I've cooked all different cuts of beef, chicken, turkey, and prok in it. Even done eggs a couple of times.

    Most of it is just cooking meat, I have done veggies a few times and that works great too.

    I love it because of the speed and easy. Toss a thawed steak in and I have a rare steak in a matter of minutes.

    Toss a frozen one in and I still have it in less the ten.

    It doesn't "sear" the meat, so that's one reason it's bulletproof.

    It also cooks on lower heat then other methods require.
  • So, does it cook out all the good fat from your grass-fed meat though? Or does it just depend on what attachement you use? It looks like there's a griddle one that you could lay a cut of beef on and retain the drippings for a sauce/gravy...
  • It will cook some fat out, but the drip try it perfect for saving it and making gravy or storing bacon fat.
  • I usually use this for chicken and turkey, as they're high in omega-6 fats. If you put it on a very low temperature, you can drain off some of the omega-6 using the Flavor Wave ovens. If it's grass-fed/pastured, save the fat as it's still high in nutrients. I just explained the best way to cook meat here:

  • I just recently bought a NuWave oven and so far I've really enjoyed using it. I've been cooking grass-fed meats and fish, and I've been using tin foil in order to not let the fat drip to the bottom. Do you think there are any complications in using this method?
  • Just recently my friend heard me talking about one of these cookers so .. she went out and bought one...

    this will require some more experimentation... so far we have done chuck roasts and a chicken

    the chuck roasts.. needed to be seasoned a bit more.. but they did cook to a good medium... i forget the times and settings.. but

    the chicken .. was done at 325 for 45min ... we put it on the lower rack and also added some water to the bottom... came out moist and delicious.. the chicken was seasoned with salt pepper and some hot pepper flakes..

    next time we cook something ill update you guys ..
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