Maple Syrup Isn't Bulletproof

Is this due to the manufacturing procedure, it's nutritional composition (mostly sucrose IIRC) or what?

I was hoping to use it for my Carb Back Loading but honey seems to take priority, mainly because I live in that other country that's Glorious and Free for which maple syrup is a world class industry.


  • This is the number one link on google when searching for bulletproof and maple syrup... I'd like to know as well... master cleanse have it as main ingredient... i'm guessing it's too glycemic?

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress ✭✭

    Be careful with the ingredients of maple syrup - at my local store there is 100% Canadian maple syrup (more expensive) and another cheaper one which is mainly water and sugar with maple as the third ingredient.


    Other than that, check the new infographic. Its pretty high up.

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