Bulletproof When You Are Sick With Cold Or Flu

Hi. I am new to the BP diet (6 days ) and so far it has been wonderful. I have lost 5lbs and I am thinking more clearly. Two days ago I noticed that I was sneezing a lot. Now I have a full blown cold. Boo. What can I do to maintain my BP diet but get better? I have not taken any OCT's yet. Seriously thinking about it though? 



  • I recently had the flu and found some advice from a danish, holistically oriented doctor, which included VERY high levels of vitamin D. Since I trust him - and I needed to be somewhere - I tried it and I found that the inflammation was drastically reduced. The general body pain went away and I was left with a runny nose which went away in a little weeks time. People around me have been sick for 2 weeks and more from the flu. 


    Maybe someone else can say if this is bulletproof?


    Hope you get well soon! :)

  • Great!! Thanks. I just happen to have vit D and spirulina. I am going to give those a try before anything else. 

  • For some reason, I like to fast when I'm sick. Just n=1, but I feel like it helps.

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    I've heard Dave mention that whene he feels sickness coming on, he'll have a large amount of activated charcoal.
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    Yes, vit d 20,000 iu, vit C 10g (ester-c) liposomal vit c even better 1-2g. Liposomal glutathione, charcoal, increase zinc. Increase water too!! Report back :)

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  • I took the Vit D and Spirulina last night before bed and then again when I woke up this morning. I am feeling a lot better. I have never gotten over a cold that fast. I was still able to maintain my IF today. No energy loss. I have no activated Charcoal. I need to pick some up. I see a lot of people on this site use it. Thanks everyone for the great advice. 

  • Great to know you are feeling better! :)

    Usually it is best to take vit. D ind the morning - but hey, it worked! :)

  • I gargle colloidal silver.

    Have heard garlic works well and is "allowed" for acute illness on BP diet. I would stick with fresh instead of capsules of powder since they could be easily contaminated depending on your source.

    Also oil pulling (google it if you haven't heard of it) with coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree or oregano oil has some good evidence that it can be helpful when you are sick, or not.

    Vitamin C, D and K. Zinc with food b/c if not I get nauseated. Dave's Glutathione.  

    BONE BROTH!!! With salt.

    Tons of water. Sometimes I do fresh veggie juice.

    With all this I can nurse myself back to 150% within 2 days and rarely get full on symptoms so I am still functional.

    Hope that helps someone this cold/flu season. P.S. don't ever get a flu shot :)

  • I'm hoping that my immune system will right itself with my BP lifestyle, and I'll not get sick, but it's nice to know that there are better options than "A scary amount of Tylenol Cold and Caffeine".

  • Supplement in Vit C. And Vit D. And Iodine.


    Those 3 will definitely help you out, and smash that 'flu'/'cold' away.

    I had something similar... added those 3.. rapidly took care of things. I haven't been sick since.

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    Cheapest and one of the most effective ways to ward off sickness is to take 1g of vitamin C with a glass of water every 2 hours.  Vitamin C gets circulated out of your system by urine quickly - usually within 2 hours of consuming it, so by topping it off every 2 hours, you optimize your immune system.


    I haven't been sick in years because the moment I have an itchy throat, I implement this tactic.  On the note of sleep for better health, I would also avoid caffeine completely while sick to ensure your deep sleep is optimized.



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    Haven't been sick in almost two years, but today I feel like I am coming down with something. I have not been sleeping enough the past few weeks, so I am sure that is at least partly to blame. I have heard about the mega-dosing on vitamin C & D for years and have done it in the past. I am hoping that it will work again this time. Had not heard about the spirulina, though, so will add that in as well.
  • Jason, did you really mean 25g-30g of Spirulina? Isn't that a lot, even for mega-dosing?
  • Thanks for responding! 

    It's probably just the crappy brand of spirulina that I have. I have to take 6 pills in order to get 500 mg. So, 12 pills to get only 1 gram. 

    So when I saw your 25-30 number, I'm like, "There's no way I am swallowing 300 of these things." Hahahaha.


    Thanks again, Jason.

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