Beware Stevia!

I have been drinking coffee for a very long time with no ill effects. I was using cream and about a teaspoon of sugar in mine but recently switched to more of a bp style coffee (I don't have fat to lose and I like eating breakfast so I usually just use a tsp each of butter and coconut oil in mine). I like a wee bit of sweetness, so I started using stevia instead of sugar. Anyway, I started getting horrible fatigue, brain fog and headaches every morning after drinking my coffee. Seeing as coconut oil and butter were not new additions to my diet, I feel like an ass for not realizing that it was the stevia causing these symptoms!! A quick google search shows that this is not uncommon. I am not saying that stevia is bad or that people should not use it, however, if you've switched to a bp diet or coffee and are still having issues, or having issues that you didn't have before, perhaps it's the stevia


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