Kamado Grill

By nothing shorter than an act of God, I realized with the summer approaching that my gas grill was going to need a replacement. A buddy of mine at CrossFit was talking about the Big Green Egg grill, but when I began my research, the steep price tag of $1100+ was a downer. The ability to smoke and cook food at various temps was an attractant - as was the usage of lump wood charcoal versus gas or the distant need for lighter fluid.

My exhaustive search led to to another Kamado type grill called an Akorn by Char-Griller. The end results of my find led to me purchasing the Akorn for only $269. Yes the Big Green Egg has a lifetime warranty which no doubt drives up its cost, but I used my Akorn three times last weekend and love it.

The features of this grill are great for meat eaters (and veggies too) since the ability to smoke the meats provides for new flavors aside from spices.

Does anyone else use a Kamado style grill? How have you used yours?


  • These are the ceramic grills correct? There is one on sale at Costco and I ogle it like a half naked girl each time I go.


    Is it amazing? Is it worth it? 

  • StLoStLo

    You are right. A kamado grill is a ceramic grill smoker. Actually, it has more differences but this one is the main. For instance, it's famous for its durability. Unfortunately, I haven't used it but after reading some reviews on the best kamado grills here I decided to get one. They are not that expensive, have many advantages. Testimonials are good and I understand it correctly. When I buy it and test enough I'll respond here. Hopefully, it'll be worth it.

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