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    I expect Monkey style to become trendy after this.

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  • Two UFC cards tomorrow. :smile:
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    16 seconds!

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

  • Does anyone know why the UFC does not clean their mats in between rounds?  Are they worried about one of their million dollar athletes blowing out a knee from slipping in a puddle of blood?  Are they also assuming that all of these guys running around with cheap tattoos and testing positive for steroids (a needle drug) do not carry blood borne illnesses?  Help me out here.

  • The mat surface is very porous. Blood, water etc, soaks in almost instantly. Its not slippery at all.
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    I've seen people mopping up blood with towels on the edges of a few shots between fights, so I think the stains that are left over are pretty dry. My guess is they try to avoid showing the cleanup process as much as possible in their broadcast to minimize the opportunities for detractors to make the "human cockfighting" argument. Showing dudes constantly mopping up blood wouldn't be a good look. 


    I seem to recall an interview with a fighter who said there was some antiseptic used as well, and that that could be slippery until it dries. 


    As for blood borne diseases, that's something the commissions test for, but I don't know how often. Here's an article about a dude waiting for clearance from the NAC for Hep B. I believe there is not always testing in unsanctioned amateur leagues, however. 

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    I've been blood tested before a few fights so not to pass anything on as mentioned above. They wipe the canvas, but blood stains so you'd have to bleach it to remove it. Can't really do that between rounds!


    Seen some canvas's on walls from UFC cages still with blood stains on. All part of the game. I've bleed on the canvas a few times :wink:


    Been watching all the UFC's but been a little busy and not posted much, so not updated all the cards on here.


    UFC on FOX 12 Lawler vs. Brown

    July 26, 2014, SAP Center, San Jose, California


    Main Card (on FOX)

    Robbie Lawler (23-10, 1 NC) vs. Matt Brown (19-11)

    Anthony Johnson (17-4) vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (21-5)

    Clay Guida (31-14) vs. Dennis Bermudez (13-3)

    Josh Thomson (20-6) vs. Bobby Green (22-5)


    Preliminary Card (on FOX)

    Daron Cruickshank (15-4) vs. Jorge Masvidal (26-8)

    Kyle Kingsbury (11-5, 1 NC) vs. Patrick Cummins (5-1)

    Hernani Perpetuo (17-4) vs. Tim Means (20-6-1)

    Mike De La Torre (12-4) vs. Brian Ortega (8-0)


    Preliminary Card (on UFC Fight Pass)

    Akbarh Arreola (22-7) vs. Tiago dos Santos (18-4-2)

    Andreas Stahl (9-0) vs. Gilbert Burns (7-0)

    Juliana Lima (6-1) vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk (6-0)

    Steven Siler (23-12) vs. Noad Lahat (7-1)


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  • really pumped about this card. Lawler Brown should be great but i really believe Robbie will be too much Matt to handle.

    Also really excited to see rumble fight. He imo is truly the number 1 contender at 205.

    Also looking forward to Cruickshand/Masvidal, and Siler/Lahat
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    Laughed when I heard both Rogan and Goldberg saying in the first couple of rounds about it being false advertising having to say it was a 5 round fight. I had a feeling then it was gonna go the distance. Expected them to go for it a bit more than they did after talking about meeting in the middle. But all that talks bullshit once you get hit! Good fight, but I'm not a fan of fights that go to decision.





    UFC Fight Night 47 Bader vs. St. Preux

    August 16, 2014: Cross Insurance Center, Bangor, Maine


    Ryan Bader (17-4) vs. Ovince St. Preux (16-5)

    Tim Boetsch (17-7) vs. Brad Tavares (12-2)

    Shawn Jordan (15-6) vs. Jack May (7-1)

    Tom Watson (16-7) vs. Sam Alvey (23-5-1)

    Thiago Tavares (18-5-1) vs. Robbie Peralta (18-4, 1 NC)

    Sara McMann (7-1) vs. Lauren Murphy (8-0)

    Ross Pearson (15-7) vs. Abel Trujillo (12-5)

    Jussier Formiga (16-3) vs. Zach Makovsky (18-4)

    Gray Maynard (11-3-1, 1 NC) vs. Fabricio Camoes (14-8-1)

    Seth Baczynski (19-11) vs. Alan Jouban (9-2)


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    SUCCESS: A lot of little things done well

  • Agreed.

    And a card all the way up in Maine...way to represent! :wink:
  • That is a dry hump heavy card
  • A buddy who has a sweet track record betting UFC and especially betting dogs is trying to bet me in the upcoming Bones Jones Vs. DC Cormier fight.  Both are outstanding fighters and both are undefeated. (that DQ of Jon was BS)  I think Bones has the skill set, game plan, length, quickness, spacing and cardio to beat Cormier in many ways.  He wants DC.  I wonder how much he's willing to bet.  I respect both fighters, but I just don't think Jon Jones will allow Cormier to dictate the fight with a bull rush wrestling style nor a toe-to-toe hey-maker style fight.  I'd guess it goes the distance with Jon being cautious and both fighters having respect for the other.  I thought Gustafsson matched up perfectly vs. Bones and I thought Gus won that fight by inflicting way more damage, but the judges thought differently.  That rematch will be epic, with both fighters learning and adapting. 

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  • Speaking of Jones vs. DC, I just saw that they got into it on Monday at the press conference.
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    Withoung having seen it I'm wondering how much of that was arranged. I get the impression that they believe these reality show like conflicts will make the show popular.

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

  • I thought the same thing at first (that is was staged for publicity), but I think a lot could have gone wrong if it was purely a publicity stunt.

    I don't know, honestly, but I am looking forward to the fight.
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