Sugary Alcoholic Drinks

Hey all,

My first post here and I need some advice. I've been bulletproofing myself for the past month and doing paleo eating for the past few months. Things are great. However, I am going on vacation down to the beach in Florida in a couple of weeks with some friends and there is a ritual we all have when we arrive. We all have this drink called a Bushwhacker. It consists of rum, Kahlua, and I think chocolate ice cream. Very sweet! I have read the post Dave wrote about alcohol here and I will be following that, but I'm nervous about the alcohol combined with the sugar and all the other crap that's in there. I certainly could forego the festivities, but I don't want to be a stick in the mud. So, is there a supplement or combo thereof that I can take to block the effects of the carb/sugar portion of the drink? I'm nervous because I haven't drank any alcohol in a few months and don't want to pass out in a sugar alcohol coma and then wake up the next day with a weight gain of 10 pounds or something and loose all progress I've made on my weight loss.

Thanks so much everyone. Becoming bulletproof (or working towards it) has made all the difference in my life. You guys rock!!!


Denver, CO.


  • I'd follow the supplemental protocol they have listed out, and take some extra charcoal/clay the next few days.
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    A lot of people think that in order to get a lean body and balanced, they need to give up all liquor. Luckily, this is not the situation. Here's a information to healthier liquor addiction beverages that will allow you to enjoy a little without getting a liquor tummy in the procedure.alcoholic drinks
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