Hypothyroid (High Rt3, Adrenal Fatigue) Bp Coffee

I would love to hear from anyone who has had reversed a metabolic crash with bp diet. I'm a 28 yr old female that has gained 25 lbs in the last year due to high rT3 (hypothyroid), and adrenal fatigue. I’m taking bovine adrenal and T3 and many supplements but it’s been almost a year and I’m still dealing with fatigue and depression. I’m paleo now but have not been high fat and my carbs have been about 200g or so.

Also, has anyone with adrenal issues actually tired drinking bp coffee and taken an adrenal support supplement and done well?? My doctor would flip at the thought of this, not to mention the high fat:o)



  • Just curious, did you do a saliva cortisol test for diagnosis of adrenal fatigue? How's your sleep? 200g of carbs seems like a lot w/o knowing the context...

    I'm in no position to give advice; but would it hurt to give the BP diet and coffee plan a try for a few weeks and see how you feel? It sounds as though your doctor's program hasn't worked...what's next? Are you ready to take a fresh, holistic look at your health and see what you can accomplish? Is there a Paleo friendly doctor near you?

    I've suffered through a few years of a screwed up sleep cycle and what I imagine was adrenal fatigue / cortisol dysregulation (I did saliva testing and was way off from a normal diurnal rythm after doing shiftwork and endurance sports). It's too early for me to say definitively that I'm cured, but my energy levels have been much, much better doing the BP coffee with high-fat, low-carb eating. And staying off the chronic-cardio has helped too...along with stress-reduction techniques; meditation, nature walks...

    BTW - fat helps fight fatigue and depression...carbs...not so much.
  • I have been diagnosed also with hypothyroid problems. I have also been given synthetic thyroid hormone-thyroxine. Ive been on the BP intermittent fasting for two weeks and am starting to feel a bit better. Its not much at the moment, but the biggest difference ive noticed is that my body composition has changed. I have more muscle, but i havent dropped weight. So Less fat, more muscle, but same weight. Ah well. Im willing to be patient. I have been using the bulletproof coffee and have felt markedly better drinking it. Also I keep my carbs as low as 20g most days, or if have organic yogurt or milk then will be more around 50g. Depending on what your exercise levels are 200g carbs is likely too much. Especially if you want to drop some weight quickly. Im with dpwdan about the fat vs carbs for fighting depression and fatigue. Definitely.

    My goal is to lose weight to where i want to be, then attempt to wean myself off of the thyroxine. Hopefully I will be able to do it.

    I think the bulletproof diet could be really helpful for fighting thyroid problems and Id definitely recommend it to anyone else who sufffers.

  • I'm currently on slow release T3 and have low cortisol. I take Megafoods Adrenal Strength vitamins and a licorice supplement. I just started drinking BPC a few days ago and seem to be doing fine, hoping it's not my adrenals kicking in and I'll crash in a week! I did try to bulletproof my husband's brand of coffee last week before my BPC arrived and boy did I regret it! Jitters, nausea, blech! I'm pretty excited about my progress the past few days using a blood glucose meter. It has really helped me tweak my diet. I have been paleo, no sugar, no dairy, no nuts for awhile and the glucose meter has really helped me figure things out. Even eating Paleo my fasting sugar was in the high 90s. Adding more fat and reducing protein a little bit has reduced my fasting sugar to 78. I then check my sugars 1 hour after each meal and my goal is to keep my sugars within ten points of my fasting sugar all day. I am feeling so great now! I am so hoping this is not temporary and my body finds a way to adapt and feel crappy again, which it really likes to do image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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