What Do You Put Your Coffee In

Been using a 700 ML cup, but if I try to make the full recipe its too much volume and I get splattered when I blend.

Tips on a big and appropriate container? Preferably one that can ride in my car with me.


  • I make my BP coffee in a 1 liter container and transfer it to a mug. If you are looking for a good container with decent size (and maybe a coffee cup lid) you might try KleanKanteen (the insulated 20 oz mug, for example) that's what I am planning to get soon. But you'd have to blend the coffee in something else, as well.
  • I put mine in a 16oz glass mason jar most mornings. A friend of mine knit a coozie for it to keep my mitts from burning. I tend to just take some quiet time in the morning to drink it, so I'm not worried about spillage...but it's easy enough to put the lid on to take it to work if I want. BP coffee is one of the more enjoyable things in my day, so I try to savor it.

    I don't blend mine either. I just put the MCT and butter in the cup, then do my pour-over on top and stir it. I can't see putting hot liquids in a plastic blender and I haven't found a metal blender I like...the immersion blender doesn't really work either.
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