Biohacking Chronic Inflammation

Hello all.  I recently stumbled onto Dave's stuff & have quickly started to become super interested in biohacking.


I'm an early-career psychologist & specialist in behavioral health/health psychology and I also personally struggle with Crohn's Disease. What I'd like to do is to start working in the realm of self-experimentation/biohacking/self-quantifying for myself and to eventually model for people struggling with similar digestive issues that would like to take more control over their healthcare.


Can anyone give me any advice on where you would start if you were me - just starting off biohacking Crohn's (an auto-immune/chronic inflammatory condition)??


Thanks in advance!



UPDATE:  Wow, great info here, thank you to all who replied.  I have a lot to read through in Ron's Ultimate Digestion Health Guide.  I should have been more clear in my request.  i already follow very strict guidelines on my diet which all happen to align pretty much exactly with the Bulletproof Diet after years of following the SCD & GAPS diet + my own personal tweaking.  Overall my health is good, but I want it to be great and I want off of immuno-suppressant meds. 


So my revised question to you brilliant people is - what data would you start to track on a regular basis?  Maybe start with blood markers?? (something to track systemic inflammation, CRP, B12, etc;)


Again, your help is much appreciated.  I think I'll be hanging around this forum a bunch :)


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    Welcome aboard, mate! Powerful skill-set too. The analytical mind will serve you well here.


    Become more acquainted with Ron....

    No sorcery, just science. 

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    I started by getting some krill oil and started driving that omega 3 to omega 6 ratio to a better place. The Mrs noticed effects in the first week!


    (that's for inflammation I mean, not Crohns)

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    Ari Miesel claims to have tracked and biohacked himself to cure Crohn's.

  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    Chris Kresser would have a wealth of information just for this.  I think he would start with the GAPs diet initially.

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    My book, soon to be released, has a comprehensive protocol and also lists the main cause of Crohns Disease (I'll give you a hint, MAP). I have used it to help a dear personal friend of mine go into remission (from Ulcerative Colitis, guess what they have the same cause). Pm me and I will give you the information for free for the time being. No one should suffer from this disease that can be treated.

    My book Fix Your Gut, is offered on Amazon for $9.99.


    I also offer coaching:


    Please join or like the Fix your Gut Facebook. Also please add me on twitter @FixYourGutJB.



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