What happened? White vs Brown Rice?

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I thought I remember seeing White rice actually ahead of brown rice on the diet pictogram. Now it is saying Brown/Wild is better than white rice. When did this happen or am I imagining hearing Dave say white is better than brown rice because it is less likely to get mycotoxins?


  • Good question Brian. I have seen studies that indicate that there is a higher level of arsenic in brown rice than white, and that there are antinutrients in the outer rice bran portion of brown rice (though it was never clear to me whether these are destroyed by cooking). I also seem to recall Dave alluding to evidence of white rice being better than brown in one of the podcasts. So i've been generally eating white rice instead of brown lately, but like you I'd like a more definitive answer on this.

    It would be nice if the podcast transcripts had a "read full article" option so that we could do a keyword search across an entire podcast.
  • Yeah good question. I remember a PodCast where Dave mentioned white rice I think it was relating to people who need more carbs and he said to eat more yams and white rice. He used it as an example but he didn't mention if it was superior to brown rice or not.

    And I agree with the transcript as well. It would be great to have the entire PodCast transcribed...maybe available as a PDF download or something. I have had the same need to look up something specific from a PodCast but didn't want to listen to the entire show to find it.
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    Hi there, I find this last post of Bulletproof intern's a bit confusing. Most stuff i find online states that brown rice is more healthy as it contains all the nutrients as white rice has these milled off http://www.drlam.com/opinion/brown_rice ... e_rice.asp ... I was always of the understanding that "white" almost always means refined ... and that's a bad thing!? Its also confusing cos on the front page of the bullet proof diet - under AVOID it says ... Grains and soy ... isn't all rice (brown or white) a grain? Some real clarification on this would be great. Thanks. Greg

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    Bulletproof intern, after reading Sisson's article http://www.marksdailyapple.com/is-rice- ... z1iFxBbGuq regarding white rice it seems as though the anti-nutrients in white rice are nutrilized especially when the rice is cooked since the hull and bran are removed in white rice. According to Sisson's article the anti-nutrients are stored in the hull and bran. So the bottom line I take from this article is this....unless you reeeeeaaaally want to eat rice or have to eat it, White is probably the best way to go since you aren't consuming the anti-nutrients that would be found in brown rice for example.

    Is that your take on this article too?

    I think though the bottom line on rice is this - if you want to eat a 100% bulletproof meal....don't eat rice.

    But my personal philosophy on rice (and any non-bulletproof food) is this - if you want to eat rice for whatever reason (like it's just convenient or you just really love rice etc.) then rock on with your bad self and enjoy the damn rice. It's probably not going to wreck your health to have it once in a while and who knows, twenty years from now someone may do some fantastic research on rice and find that it's amazing for you and we were wrong about the whole anti-nutrient thing.

    Greg, read that article I linked to up above, and this one http://donmatesz.blogspot.com/2010/04/p ... -rice.html . They should help clear up the confusion on why rice is probably not a fantastic choice in terms of nutritional value.

  • Thanks Tim - much appreciated! Just finished reading it ... but I am confused still as to why you would also say white over brown rice since it states "Laying aside the synthetic fortification, brown rice supplies nearly 3 times as much pyridoxine, 10 times as much calcium, almost 6 times as much magnesium, more than 3 times as much phosphorus, more than 3 times as much potassium, and almost twice as much zinc. Therefore, white rice doesn't hold a candle to brown rice, and brown rice doesn't hold a candle to even white potatoes."

    What I get from thje article is basically neither white nor brown rice have anything nutritious to offer - so its basically a filler and not really worth eating at all!
  • Hi Greg, yeah the article is actually a little confusing but my take is that the hull and bran are removed in brown rice therefore removing the source of the anti-nutrients. So even though Brown rice has more nutrients, it might still be better to choose white over brown since the brown rice still contains the anti-nutrients because the hull and bran have not been removed. So, the lesser of two evils I guess but bottom line is neither is really an optimal choice for nutrition. If it's a once in a while thing it really probably doesn't matter much which one you choose.
  • Thanks Tim - yup pretty confusing ... I think I get it now ... despite brown rice being more NUTRITIOUS - it retains more toxins therefore more crap!
  • Yeah that's what it looks like based on research available today. You never know what they will find down the road though! I personally eat both but I don't eat much of either.
  • yup, I sometimes find it a bit difficult when eating out ... i suppose the odd stir fry with pork instead of the chicken, white rice and egg not the end of the world!
  • My thoughts exactly Greg. The damage to the body from stress over trying not to eat rice once in a while is probably worse than just eating the rice.
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