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  • @Alan, is there any studies/evidence for increase DHEA / decrease cortisol (James Henry's x-axis shift) with maintaining coherence? 

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  • I got an awesome surprise phone call from Alan this morning to chat a bit more about the EmWave2 versus Inner Balance, and I've decided to go with the former.


    I asked a question earlier in this discussion about whether I could use Inner Balance with the hardware that comes with the EmWave2 and the answer is unfortunately no. When you buy Inner Balance you get the sensor + adapter + application. When you buy the EmWave2 you get the sensor + the hardware device, no adapter.


    For those who are interested, here are my reasons why I decided to go with the EmWave2 over Inner Balance:


    - The biggest reason is honestly to keep independent from my iPhone. I would hate to not be able to do HRV training if I were to have my phone stolen, or be restricted to iOS as future phone upgrade options because of Inner Balance (and most other HRV apps) not being currently available on Android.


    - Hardware failure / device replacement is cheaper. For example if I'm walking around everywhere with my iPhone + IB and it gets damaged, that's going to cost me more to replace than if I'm walking around everywhere with just the EmWave2. Although I suppose one could argue that in many situations I might be walking around with both the EmWave2 and my iPhone...).


    - Keeping it separate also frees up my iPhone for using other HRV apps such as SweetBeat/FoodSense and Tinké for concurrent sessions and comparison.


    - It comes with additional desktop software for better data analysis and backing up / exporting, as well as games to train your HRV, whereas IB doesn't. 


    - It comes with a quick start guide and practice plan, whereas IB doesn't. 


    - As Alan mentioned on the phone, and I think Dave Asprey has mentioned too in a podcast, the EmWave2 is a much better option if you are concerned about radiation/device frequencies from your phone (which to be honest I'm not, at least not yet anyways since I haven't done enough research into that - but I respect both of their opinions and think if it's something that they take note of, then it's something I should take note of too).


    - Something else worth mentioning, is I suspect that the EmWave2 might have greater reliability over a long period of time than the iPhone does. iPhones have a tendency to be used for much more tasks, suffer from wear and tear, get dirty, get dropped, and so on. 



    It's probably worth mentioning some of the disadvantages of this decision however:


    - The EmWave2 is obviously a bit more expensive than Inner Balance.


    - The Inner Balance application shows information more readily than the EmWave2, until you plug it into the desktop application anyways.


    - Inner Balance allows you to walk around with just 1 device (your phone), whereas the EmWave2 you will be walking around with your phone (because most of us don't go anywhere without it) as well as the EmWave2 device.


    There are probably a few other pros and cons that I missed out, but these above were my main concerns.


    Anyways, in response to some of katolotus's questions, obviously get a proper reply from Alan or someone else who is more familiar with the app, but I will try answer in according to what I understand:

    Something that confuses me a bit about your questions is that you seem to be seeing Inner Balance as something that actively DOES something to your body and HRV. Surely you should rather be looking at it as a device to help you train your HRV. For example you could train your HRV without Inner Balance, but it just makes it a much easier task to do (especially if you are fairly new to HRV training).


    1. "How does Inner Balance effect my waking and general Heart Rate and/or HRV when not in coherence?" - In line with what I said above, it won't? I would it's more about how would you USE Inner Balance to effect your waking and general HR/HRV.


    2. "Will the training with Inner Balance effect the scores on the other apps (sweetbeat, bioforce etc), making them less reliable?" - That's a good question. I guess if the overall goal is to improve HRV then a high coherence level with IB would also lead to a high coherence level with other similar apps. HRV apps need to be designed for people of varying levels of HRV. Everyone doesn't start off at the exact same coherence level.


    3. "How does this effect the physical stress from training and my HRV data?" - A better HRV and coherence will mean you are better able to adapt in stressful situations (both physically and mentally). The extent that it can help would be based on an individual level.


    4. Not sure.


    5. Not sure.


    6. "Is it possible that using Inner balance training can have effects on my physical body if I'm recovering quicker, training more than if I wasn't using it?" - I know Dave Asprey's approach to using Inner Balance / EmWave2 / HRV training is to check for overtraining. We all know about his phobia for physical exercise and I think the whole idea is to set yourself kind of benchmarks of coherence. For example you basically learn what your upper limits are when it comes to physical stress on your body by judging how much it affects your coherence level. Most of the time overtraining goes under our radar or it takes a while for us to catch on and realize we have been a bit excessive. My understanding is that you would compare your HRV/coherence level while recovering from a workout to what it should ideally be when you have worked out significantly - but not over trained. That way you can see if you can keep working out (or increase the intensity), or if you are nearing your upper limit and should consider giving yourself some more rest (or decreasing the intensity).


    For example let's say you are fully rested both physically and mentally, and then you have a good training session / workout. You feel fine, you hit the workout spot on, no over training or excessive level of activity. You then try and repeat these conditions a few times over a few weeks

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    but can you bulletproof your emwave2?




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  • Found the study relating increase coherence to a doubling of dhea and 23% reduction in cortisol, in 30 days.


    The graph is on page 10, I guess one needs to assume that the few subjects who went in the "wrong direction" (increased cortisol, decreaded dhea) didn't try hard enough / weren't in coherence long enough? Also, no comparison with a control group, but these changes would be considered significant regardless (doubling dhea in one month is usually only seen through supplementation). 


    A good graph would be - time in coherence per day versus dhea/cortisol levels, month to month, for n>30, mapped against controls.

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  • Inner Balance has been sitting in my Amazon queue for weeks.. I happened upon this thread this evening..


    Ordered that shit right up...


    No doubts about it now...


    Thanks to everyone for all the great info in this thread...


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    Training is continuing and very regular with minimum 10 mins morning, 10 mins before bed. Managed at 24 mins session last night and saw a 9.7 coherence, which was the highest I'd ever managed. Didn't stay in the 9s too long, but still!


    Currently on Level 3 and getting scores between 300 and 500 for 10 mins. Average coherence has dropped in the last week or so to 3.0-3.5 where it was more like 3.5-4.1, finding staying in the green a little harder this week. 


    Highest average Coherence: 6.0

    Lowest average Coherence: 1.3


    Longest Session: 23.32 mins

    Shortest Session: 5.01 mins


    Highest Achievement: 1011

    Lowest Achievement: 85


    Going to start using the HRV soon, so will have some more static feedback on my general HRV without the breathing exercises. Basically put the HRM on in the morning. Relax for 3 mins while it takes your HRV. It then gives you a score out of 100. Should be interesting.


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  • WOW. Well, this is the first full thread I've read (okay, so i've only skimmed it so far) since joining the forum, and boy is it spectacular. 


    I started thinking about buying Inner Balance for a few days now, since I do have the $99 and Dave recommended it on a webinar he did with Mark Joyner of Simpleology. I already spend ~30 minutes meditating every day, but my initial thought is that using the IBS would help me to stay focused on my state of mind throughout the day and would improve my overall ability to stay working smoothly and at max potential instead of getting frustrated and burnt out. 


    I'll come back and read the entire thread in a few days here- I just want to make sure I buy one before this sale is over if I do decide on getting one. Maybe I should read one of the HeartMath books first to get a better feel for their ideas? 

  • @kato

    My training is very similar to yours- 10 mins morning and 10 mins before bed at Level 3. A couple of days ago, I saw my coherence jump up to 8.9 for a few seconds and I got really excited. Made me wonder if there is an upper limit on coherence. Interestingly, I was watching an engrossing TV show at that time. It was surprising as I do not really get that level of coherence even when in a dark room, concentrating completely, listening to calm music. Maybe, being engrossed in the information drowned all the background chatter in my brain. 

  • My earpeice broke after 2 months, any idea how I can get that seperatly?

  • @kato - I have done a 9.9 on 3 occasions. Has anyone here cracked 10? Does the software let you?


    Also, general question how do people "rate" their sessions?


    I use total time in coherence (which I have to mentally calc from the session end info) and then peak coherence, as a way to keep motivated.

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  • Get mine tomorrow... Stoked!!


  • I'm still working with level 3.  I hit 10.4 once, it was a really good session, it was after I taught a couple of yoga classes and was in green zone for 93% of the session.  Haven't been able to reach that again,but wow, did it feel good.  Today after class the highest I reached was 8.5, 74% high coherence.  My morning coherence levels are the lowest, afternoons definitely peak.  In traditional Chinese medicine the hours between 11am to 1pm relate to the heart, supposedly there is a time of day that each organ  functions optimally and has the most energy.  Has anyone else noticed a pattern? 


    @ryanlucht, I studied this thread too before I bought, so much good information,  it really helped me decide between the Emwave and the IB.  I was a bit disappointed with the "bundle" that came with the IB, the Heartmath people could do better in terms of presentation. Or at least hire voice actors that don't sound like they're reading a script.  I am very happy with the actual program though, really excellent app.


    @runchamp, have you contacted Heartmath?  It has a 1 year warranty. 


  • My earpeice broke after 2 months, any idea how I can get that seperatly?



    As far as I know (could be wrong...), the ear sensor used for the EmWave2 and Inner Balance are the same (and fairly cheap $25):

    The cost behind the EmWave2 is the hardware itself, and the cost behind the Inner Balance Trainer is the adapter piece that links the ear sensor to the phone.

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