Weird Scratchy Throat Reaction

Recently, my wife noticed that while im enjoying my morning BP coffee i clear my throat a lot.  The hmhmmm's if you get my drift.    My recipe is "BP" coffee, in a press, 80gr Organic Meadow butter (im in Canada and this is the only butter I can get in or near my town that is close to grass fed), 30gr of MCT oil, a small piece of Lindt 85 or 90% chocolate.    


Ive eliminated chocolate one day, no change,  eliminated mct the next, no change.  I ate a 30gr piece of butter alone one day, no reaction.  I never have this when drinking black coffee.  But combine all of them together and hmhmmm hmhmmm etc.


Any idea what might be going on.   It seems like Im having an infamatory response to something.  Is there anything that happens when combining these ingredients?




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