Is Butter Safe?

My wife described my bulletproof diet to her Harvard trained epidemiologist friend who knows and even teaches about the Paleo diet. This epidemiologist, while having a generally positive view of Paleo, thought it was destructive to consume large amounts of butter. Does anyone know of any studies which contradicts this view?


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    Strict Paleo does not eat dairy where as Bulletproof endorses grass fed butter. I believe I have heard Dave say that if you can't eat grass fed then don't use BPC as only grass fed has the good Omega 3:6 ratio.

    In our past when everyone only ate butter instead of margarines/spreads and so on, there was not problems with heart disease and diabetes etc.

  • Grass-fed butter is amazing. I can't think of any scientific reasoning behind not consuming it. I'm guessing those who speak down about butter are referring to bad quality butter you might find at a grocery store. It's similar to eating a lot of store bought eggs that are of bad quality. Eating too many would not be good but consuming the right quality (butter or eggs) would be awesome and naturally, one would have a tough time overconsuming those.
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