Started Fundraiser For My Book

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Thank you everyone, support me if you can. I understand times are tough. I am going to use the money to purchase a newer computer, set up a webpage, higher a graphical designer, and someone to format the book. I also need to purchase a few more books for more research. I want this book to be the best thing that can ever happen for natural digestive health. I want it to cover everything from nutritional health, to herbal health, and even cover homeopathy for the treatment of digestive diseases. And with your help I can do this and I know that I can help many more people as well. Thank you guys for everything and your support as well. If you donate and can think of anything that you want me to add to the book let me know, I'll see what I can do. To good health my friends.

My book Fix Your Gut, is offered on Amazon for $9.99.


I also offer coaching:


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