Minimizing The Effects Of Gluten

First of all, great forum and podcast guys. I have been lurking for quite some time here and had a question for you guys. I am 250lbs and a powerlifter and have been using carb backloading to get me to this weight with some fat loss along the way.

My question is pertaining to gluten. I have had a red rash on my elbow for about 6 months now and some congestion (nothing severe but still not necessarily normal). I started with training with Kiefer last week and the first thing we did was impliment an elimination diet. This involved eating only bacon, eggs, and grass fed beef. While it's been hard with the limited food choices, after one week of doing this the red patch on my elbow was gone as well as any congestion.

Fast forward to Saturday night and I was allowed a carb nite with no food restrictions. My food of choice was pizza (naturally) and some brownies. First off the indigestion was bad, and low and behold I woke up the next day and the red patch of skin was back along with the congesion.

My questions:

1) Would my symptoms be a reaction to gluten (I am looking for best guess here)?

2) I am fully prepared to go gluten free if need be as it's not worth feeling like this. The question I have is how to minimize the effects of gluten consumption over holidays like christmas, easter, etc. I have heard of using activated charcoal but I would like to have some protocol in place to minimize the damage if I am put in a situation where (like a holiday) every single food has gluten in it.

Thanks for any help.


  • I have seen your posts Adam and I will look a bit more closely at them. I assume since you are on here you follow a cleaner CBL diet like you describe? I contacted Naomi and she is doing CNS right now but is completely gluten free and says she has not felt this good in awhile. One point she made was

    "You know, the insidious thing about discovering you have a gluten intolerance is that you'll never know for sure whether you've always had it, and are just seeing more symptoms emerge because of the effects of aging (less growth hormone around to clean up the damage), or whether it's a brand new thing."

    The bottom line is if you feel better NOT eating gluten then why would you? This is the reality I have come to.

    As far as training with Kiefer, I contacted him when his first artilces came out about backloading (back when he wasn't taking the iron game by storm and less famous image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> ). We have kept in touch and he has always been willing to help with any questions I had. Recently, I have gotten to the point where I want to take it to the next level and I trust Kiefer can get me there. He is in high demand and I feel privildged to be a part of what he represents.


    Those symptoms from my understanding are all things that could be associated with gluten. I think it would be asinine for me or anybody else to say "yep due to gluten simple as that" but I would be very surprised if you get the same type of symptoms following a clean carb back-loading diet. If you're interested in what a "Bulletproof" compliant Carb Back-Loading plan looks like (for better or worse), I post a lot in the DH Forums under the same name.

    By the way that's really cool that you're doing personal training with Kiefer. Did you know some friends of his beforehand or how did you make that happen if you don't mind me asking?

    Best of luck.

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