After 10 Months Of Bulletproof Diet - High Cholesterol

Baseline (pre-paleo, pre-bulletproof) - 04/18/12 (blood test)


Cholesterol Total: 165

Triglycerides: 62

HDL: 43

LDL: 110

Ratio LDL/HDL: 2.55

Vitamin D: 27.9 ng/ml

Weight: 175 lb

Body fat: 13.9 %


After Paleo Diet (started 06/12) and Bulletproof Diet (started 09/12) - 05/29/13 (blood test)


Cholesterol Total: 273

Triglycerides: 84

HDL: 46

LDL: 210

Ratio LDL/HDL: 4.56

Vitamin D: 68.2 ng/ml

Weight: 161 lb

Body fat: 12.2 %


Height: 6 ft 1 in

Age: 34


Almost doubled LDL, but HDL almost did not move, what gives? Anyone have any ideas? Now that I think about it, too much butter? Too much red meat? I’m a bit puzzled why HDL did not go up too.



Bulletproof Diet:


Did not try much fasting, sometimes skip lunch (2 times a month at most).

Breakfast (all the time):

Bulletproof Coffee (Bulletproof Coffee 800 ml, 3-4 tbsp kerrygold butter, 30 ml Bulletproof MCT Oil)

Lunch (most of the time):

Omelet (3-4 eggs pastured, 2 tbsp kerrygold butter, 1 bell pepper, sometimes 3 to 4 strips of bacon)



Salad (1/2 romaine lettuce head, 4 OZ Sockeye Salmon (Alaskan, Wild), 10 ml Bulletproof MCT Oil, hand full raw macadamia nuts)

Dinner (most of the time, red meat 5 times a week)

8 OZ Grass fed beef patty OR 8 OZ grass fed New York steak OR 8 OZ grass fed lamb chops OR 8 OZ various fish OR 4 eggs pastured (2-3 tbsp kerrygold butter, with a side of vegetables: bell peppers, carrots, broccoli) (all of this is baked at 350 degrees from 25 to 35 min)

Snacks (usually 2 of the following options per day)

2-4 squares of 90% chocolate, hand full raw macadamia nuts, 1 fruit, 1 tbsp honey with coconut water, Bulletproof ice cream


Also taking vitamin:

Vatamin D-3 - 5000 IU

Green Tea Extract - 400mg

Melatonin - 3mg

Gaba - 500mg    

CoQ10    - 600mg

Resveratrol - 200mg

Phosphatidyl Choline - 420mg

Vatamin C - 1000mg

Vatamin K2 - 2000mcg

Vatamin A  Green Fermented Cod Liver Oil (Arctic Mint flavor)    10k-15k IU

Krill Oil    Jarrow Formulas Krill Oil - 1000mg

Magnesium -    600mg

Iodine    Pure Encapsulations    - 1mg

Serrapeptase - 120,000 IU

Spirulina - 3000mg

Chlorella - 3000mg

Calcium-D-Glucarate - 1000mg

Lycopene - 20mg

Theanine - 300mg

Maca - 500mg

Huperzine A - 200mcg

Acetyl-l Carnitine - 500mg





  • projectearthprojectearth Contributor

    Try experimenting, Id cut the eggs and try another source of protein, because of the cholesterol. Also Butter does raise cholesterol and it can also raise triglycerides not much but it can. So experiment for a month and try coconut instead of butter. Take all my advice with a grain of salt I only know this from listening to his podcasts. I havent actually tested it myself, but I do know you will figure this out through time with experimentation. 

    Enjoy the journey

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress
  • My markers are similar. You need to get a panel prob. I'd cut the choline, alcar and resveratrol in view of recent research. (sorry no time to references) 

  • Those #'s are interesting, however, I must state an opinion and by this opinion, I mean no offense to the original poster.


    I see these threads periodically on the forums here of "My cholesterol is through the roof," or, "my cholesterol is sky high - HELP!," or "concerned about blood panel results - high cholesterol." I am always a bit confused about this because when one adopts a paleo, bulletproof, or high fat/low carb lifestyle (whatever you want to call it), shouldn't one expect these numbers to be high? When you adopt that lifestyle, you should expect that those #'s are going to rise.


    The question is why does it concern you? My suspicion is that it's a leftover fear from the constant, constant hammering that cholesterol is bad. I honestly wouldn't be worried about the total cholesterol level, I'd be more curious as to why the HDL didn't rise higher than 3 points. That's a bit bizarre. Your vitamin D levels rose markedly, which is a good thing. Also, this looks like this blood panel was not inclusive of LPa and LPb levels, which really tell the story more about what's going on with your cholesterol. If this were ordered by a physician, I'd go back and specifically ask him to order a test inclusive of those #'s and also hormone panels to get a real picture of what's happening inside you.

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress
    I think it comes from people not really understanding cholesterol so their only position is "it's bad right?" So they come here for some reassurance.

    I've read a lot about it and its still quite a mystery. There are times when high cholesterol is bad, and others when it doesn't matter. It would be great for someone to put together an idiots guide. The link I posted above only tells some of the story unfortunately.
  • OP, did you get CRP tested?


    You lost 14lbs - isn't this positive?


    Some would consider your total cholesterol in the original figures as too low. 

  • I appreciate all the response.


    Unfortunately my tests did not have LPa and LPb levels or CRP.


    I will be looking to get the above tests and/or NMR LipoProfile® with Insulin Resistance Markers


    Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with the way I feel on Bulletproff diet (I have much more energy, less need for sleep, feel great after meals, don't feel sleepy after lunch).


    My only real surprise was the fact that my HDL did not go up as much as LDL or at all for that matter.


    It is clear that I will need to do some form of experimentation (cut back on one or more of the three: butter, eggs, red meat) and see what happens (I'm quite confident I can get my LDL to go down, but at this point I'm not sure what I can do to make the HDL go up).

  • Looks like you're very low carb. You don't mention a re-feed day.

  • No re-feed day, sometimes I eat more barres or fruit to where I might be slightly over 50g of carbs.

  • Then you haven't been doing the bp diet, you're doing a purely ketogenic diet which is not recommended.


    Can you please provide a link where Dave talks about re-feeds, I have not seen this on the website.

  • MaverickAzzMaverickAzz Powerful

    My numbers are much worse than yours ;)


    Still, you should do what I'm doing: Go and get some hard data. I've got CT scans booked for Wednesday morning. Just because your diet has changed doesn't mean your diet has caused it. Correlation is not equal to causation. I only went in for the ultrasound because I thought I pulled a muscle in my abdominals. Nope, very fatty liver and "a spot." So I need more scans. The more information you collect, the better informed you judgement will be. 


    Your blood test isn't the final step. It's the first. It should tell you when you need further investigation. Do more tests, get some scans done. Have a complete picture before you draw conclusions. 


    I guess we're lucky in Australia, as all these scans and blood tests are free  :cool:

    No sorcery, just science. 

  • lol nor I know about re-feed days, thank you for tihis topic! Do you think it could be ok if on saturday and tuesday I take a carb dinner (usually with rice I think) or it would be better only once a week?

  • Dave talks about carbs quite a bit on the Brian Callen Show Episode 44 ( He mentions how important they are and just eating a sweet potato here and there (under 100 grams) is just not enough. You need a proper re-feed of white rice that is over 100 grams every so often. Worth a listen.


    This is also worth a read as it discusses how cholesterol is misunderstood and is used as an indicator as it's the only thing in the blood we can measure.


    Simply stated, without inflammation being present in the body, there is no way that cholesterol would accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel and cause heart disease and strokes. Without inflammation, cholesterol would move freely throughout the body as nature intended. It is inflammation that causes cholesterol to become trapped.


    Say what you will about the history and reputation of Dr. Dwight Lundell (, what he says makes sense to me and is echoed by a handful of other doctors as well. (


    I suppose only time will tell if these guys are correct or not but it's very interesting to say the least.

  • -your total cholestrol is, arguably, closer to healthy range in the second test

    -test again in a few months, as two data sets don't make a trend, still I would (generally) prefer the second set of readings

    -bump your mufas - where are your avocados? 

    -consider more n3 pufas (if that salmon dish is only occasional)

    Reigning Former Inner Balance "Mad Monk" Champion... :-P 

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