Bulletproof® Recipes Made (W/nutrition Facts)

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Hey all,


I got this idea for a thread and thought I would throw it out there:  Create a topic where people can share their experience and ideas for BP recipes as well as the nutrition value of each one.


One of my personal goals is that I've been trying to get more accurate with tracking my intake.  Mainly, I feel that if I can accurately track nutritional factors between blood tests, maybe I can be more efficient at diet adjustments.   


Eating single items is easy to track, but when you combine them in a recipe, it can turn into guesswork.  So I've got a concept of doing the math on the front end and then creating Nutrition Facts Labels for each recipe.  (Dont know if that's the most accurate way, but a step in the right direction I hope).  I've been using this website to create the labels http://www.onlinelabels.com/label-generator-tools/Nutrition-label-generator.aspx   


Once complete, I print the label and attach it to a recipe card for my collection.  I have a few in the works, but for the first example, let's start with the good ol' trusty cup of Bulletproof Coffee:


(A little photoshop work for effect)






Typically for my BPC, I make 16oz of Upgraded Coffee and add 2.5Tbsp Upgraded MCT Oil and 3Tbsp of Unsalted Kerrygold GF Butter.  I combined the amounts of each ingredient to create the following label:





Of course you can create ones to have more/less MCT or Butter in whichever combination you prefer and keep those handy.  You can even create more detailed labels if you want.  This type of homework can be useful for people using Jawbone UP or FitBit software to track daily intake.


Overall, doing this and creating your own little database can result in a more accurate data set of your food intake.  And of course helping you in your quest to be more bulletproof!  


Any and all feedback is highly appreciated.  


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    I don't know about the rest of your post but I want one of those mugs!

    Hehe, no the whole post is a great idea! I stopped using MyFitnessPal since it didn't have the upgraded chef dishes in it and I got frustrated trying to add 1/6 of each ingredient. Great idea!
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