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Just a quick question about papaya, which again finds itself in a higher-sugar-fruit category according to the Bulletproof diet.

However, in terms of sugar/100g, papaya is actually one of the lowest-sugar-fruit, according to the following table: ... ugars.html

In fact, if we draw the low-sugar-line at papaya, then only the following make the cut:

Lime (0.4), Avocado (0.9), Lemon (2.5), Strawberry (5.8), Papaya (5.9)

Whereas the rest of the usually-described-as-low-sugar berries appear between 7.3 and 9.5.

Now, I'm not suggesting that those berries don't deserve their low-sugar status, but I'm confused as to why papaya is repeatedly described as higher-sugar (and not just in the Bulletproof diet).

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    Dear Bulletproof intern.

    Sorry to disagree. I have being working with papayas for the past 20 years. The GMO papayas comes from Hawaii, which represents a minuscule quantity in the worldwide volume being consumed in North America, Europe and South America. The variety is called Rainbow for the Yellow Flesh or Sunup for the Red Flesh. ( Both delicious btw)

    Papayas produced in Mexico/ Brazil/ Ecuador/ Guatemala/ Belize/ Dominican Republic/ Ghana/South Africa or Colombia are NOT GMO. They are of the Varieties Golden, Sunrise Solo, Maradol, Tainung #1, Formosa.

    Papayas are being researched constantly for its health benefit and there are hundreds of reports attesting its benefits and the USDA considers it one of the healthiest fruit in the world.

    Hope this clarifies a bit.



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    Thanks for both replies.

    @Bulletproof intern - I was just pointing out that the Bulletproof Diet graphic (v1.1) lists papaya among the "average-sugar fruit" but lists blackberry and raspberry among the relatively "low-sugar fruit". That appears to be incorrect based on the linked table.

    @Homero - Great to hear that Ecuador papayas are not GMO, because that's where I'm living atm :)

  • Hi.

    I'm a Thai food fiend, and I'm trying to find dishes that are closest to being bulletproof/keto friendly. One very important dish is "Som Tam" (Papaya salad), which is made from shredded unripened papaya, garlic, fresh chilies and either dried shrimps or crab. I haven't been able to find real nutrion info on green/unripened papaya, but my guess is that it is high in fiber. It's very crunchy and not at all sweet. Papaya contains papain which aids meat digestion. The green papayas contain more papain than ripe ones.

    I'd be interested in hearing Bulletproof Execs opinions on green papaya and also green mango, which is used in a similar manner. Anecdote: I've never experienced as immediate well-being and mental refreshment from a meal than from freshly-caught fish served with shredded green mango (crunchy and sour) and a big dose of chilies. It's a great kick in the butt.

    Related: Is (fresh) chili bulletproof?
  • The information is very interesting. I like the post. Thank you, this advice will come in handy. It made me understand something, and it is that I never knew before.
  • How do you know shrimps are bulletproof (like how do u make sure they are wild caught?). I find it very hard with things like talipia, canned tuna, and other kinds of fish to find out if I can have them. I did read the new bulletproof diet, it just says ''wild caught, low mercury'', but that is not easy to find out. 

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