Blood Test Suggestion Needed

I am looking for a suggested list of blood test/markers that I should get tested. I have been deployed overseas for almost 4 months, and am about to go home. For the last 4-5 weeks I have been eating the best possible Paleo type diet (given the dining facility options). I want to see how my body is doing with this diet (some good (baked cornish game hen) and some bad protein sources (turkey burger patties)), and then test again before I come out again in a few months to see how it changed with eating grass fed beef, pastured eggs, etc – proper Paleo/Bulletproof diet. On a semi budget – so just looking for the markers that will matter the most (cause I know the first response will be to set up with the testing service recommended by BP Exec).

I did have to get some tests done before I came out here, but it was basic blood work, but hopefully there are a couple of things I can compare the ‘after’ to.




  • The very very basic is what's called CBC - complete blood count. It looks at the red blood cells and usually checks things like calcium, sodium, etc.

    Get your Vitamin D checked.

    Do a full blood lipids that includes VLDL - it sounds like that's one of the only numbers that matters. Even HDL isn't as "good" as it's cracked up to be.

    Get iron and Ferritin.

    Then do whatever else you want/need: thyroid, vitamins, IGF-1, CRP. I just dropped $700 on all this stuff so it adds up fast. (I use, which seems to be a bit cheaper than Dave's favorite company, if you are on a tight budget.)
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    Just a note, the CBC is only blood stuff. The CMP (complete metabolic profile) has the serum glucose (which is blood sugar acutely, as opposed to Ha1c which is blood sugar over the last few months) calcium, sodium, protein, BUN/creatinine, and liver enzymes (bilirubin, AST, ALT, etc).

    Another place for easier on the pocket labs is They will also give you a break if you are having multiple panels drawn. I am not affiliated with them but have used then between annual labs.

    Also, a note about asking for your D levels, they have at least 2 that they can check, but the one we want checked is the Dhydroxy 25, 0,25 – NOT 1,25. I learned this after realizing the values I got didnt help me, because that doctor defaulted to the 1,25.

    Bah, another after thought - serum calcium tells us how much calicum is in our blood, but it doesnt tell us WHERE the calcium is coming from. If you have a PTH drawn also, that lets us know if the calcium is from our food/supplements, or if its being leached from our bones. Lower PTH is a marker for the serum calcium coming from food/supplements, low like between 25 and 35.
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