Best Coffee In Sweden?

Hey, there, I'd love to buy my pounds of Upgraded Coffee, but right now I'm not there financially, and with the shipping over here its unfortunately 130$ for 5lbs of coffee. =P


So lets make the best out of the situiation! I had some organic, middleroast coffee this morning, bought in the foodstore and I'm not a big coffee-drinker so I'm actually a little depressed =P


It'll pass within an hour or two however, but I've seen high-end coffee shops around Stockholm and I'm wondering, now this is a quesion for all nationalities; what am I looking for in a high-end coffee store?


Do I ask for "mold-free" coffee? Won't they just be like; "Yeah, we don't mold in it :) " ?


Looking forward to the day I'm in the money a bit more and when Upgraded Self finds a cheapo way to ship over here, but anyway, thank you all for your time, and have a kickass day!



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