Grass Fed Butter Oil? Acceptable Replacement For Gfb?

Ordered some grass fed butter oil from nutra point. Curious if I just waisted my money or if this is an acceptable alternative to gfb for making bulletproof coffee. I also have MCT oil and upgraded coffee beans on the way courtesy of this website. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. (Ps. I live in Canada, pretty difficult to get GFB here).



  • Hi, Daners.  Welcome to the forums!


    Some people have reported that butter oil does not emulsify as well as butter.  Nutritionally, it may be superior.  Let us know how it goes!

  • Somewhat cheaper than the grass-fed butter oil, and seems to be able to get into Canada, is the grass-fed butter ghee from Pure Indian Foods.  I know Ethical Kitchen in North Vancouver stocks it...

  • I've been using Organic Valley's pasteured butter since the get go, and recently had to do ghee b/c I simply forgot to bring my butter on a trip, and everything was closed when I got in. My inlaws had ghee that they barely used, and I knew it was pasteured. I gave it a try.

    That was 24-hours ago. Let me tell you, I've had the worst day ever. I have had some of the WORST cramping with it, it tasted awful, and I barely slept. On top of that, my bowels were moving extra fast with runny stools. It was reminiscent of when I was in India, eating all the highly spiced foods and we all affectionately called the experience mudd butt. I think that's graphical enough. Some of that might be from doing ice baths this week, but I've already had my tried and true cup of BPC this morning, and I'm feeling much better.

    Ghee sounds good in theory, but I can't do it. It reminds me of another butter based on Weston Price that coupled with cod liver oil was supposed to be amazing (Active - X, or something to that extent). We could barely stand the stuff when it was new. I also couldn't find a freshness date on the ghee that I could make any sense of. Organic Valleys flavor is spot on.

    Btw, for my cramping, I've been using two Standard Process products (talk to your Chiropractor), Zymex 2, and A-F Betafood. Without getting into the details of why, they basically help clean out the nasties in the bowel & support gall bladder function for fat digestion. I'm open to hearing what others have been using, as I'm still only able to utilize about 1 Tbsp of MCT at a time.
  • GFB oil worked great. Very strong butter taste though, any recommendations for flavor additive? Been 3 hours since my first cup, feel very crisp, very clear, so far I'm impressed.

  • AmonRaAmonRa
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    Hi guys :)

    I'm just starting a BP diet, moving on from a simple slowcarb one.

    I'm in Japan, and I swear I CAN'T find any grass-fed butter under +/- 15 bucks for 250gr.

    They do produce some here, marginally, and the rest is imported from france.

    Even serious meat importers for expats don't offer any,

    So i was thinking of buying that butter oil, but the jars cost 40 bucks and the shipping is an additional 35 bucks. The staff tell me at 2-3 spoons a day it should last me a month, but i have no idea how much I would need per day to replace the BP coffee butter amount, especially since Dave seems to be eating more butter along the day.

    Any thoughts?

    Thx :)
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    As a comparison the Nutrapoint Butteroil costs $112,65/liter (0.264172052 US gallons or 33.8140227 US fluid ounces) at 39.99/12 oz.


    At $71,99 for 24 oz we're talking $101,32/liter (or 0.264172052 US gallons or 33.8140227 US fluid ounces).


    At about $15 for 250grams of grass-fed butter we're talking $60/kilo (2.20462262 pounds).


    PS. I might've fucked up the calculations on the butter-oil, Im goint to double-check it right away and get back to everyone.


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    Feels like its about right. I used:


    12 us fl oz = 354.882355 ml.


    1000/354.882355 = 2.81783522317 * $39.99 = $112.685230575


  • The 28.8 ounce jar of grass-fed ghee from Pure Indian Foods for $32.95 compares at a $38.6865294634/liter (0.264172052 US gallons or 33.8140227 US fluid ounces).


    I must say, thats a pretty good deal to me, I might even buy some!


  • Yo :)

    I heard ghee tastes terrible (?)

    This butter oil sounds sweet, high nutrient density and all, but the real question is how much grams do you need to make a mug of BP coffee...

    Man, maybe i need to start dating farmers' daughters lol

    Have a nice week everyone :)
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