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Just saw this article tweeted about. Their reasoning and facts aren't quite on track but I'm happy to see this out there. Hopefully people will see it and be drawn into something that will get them to the BPE website or, better yet, here at the forum.


  • Facts are definetely not the strong suit in this article. They still think that weight gain/loss is strictly straight calories in vs calories out balance. Also the author warns that this could add 100-200 calories to their coffee. Never mind going and getting a sweet coffee drink at Starbucks that would be at least 5 times that much.

    100-200 is pretty low estimate actually, mine is more like 700-900 calories. :)
  • southerngentsoutherngent Body by Butter
    I had the same thought! 100-200 calories??? Not in a good cup of BPC. :)
  • katolotuskatolotus ✭✭✭

    Some of mine are closer to 750kcal!


    As usual an article under researched and put out with half the info needed and an opinion base of half the facts. Pointless!


    Wish I could get paid for only doing half my work and putting out a shitty product. Need to get into journalism. Easy gig ;-)


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