Xylitol Sugar Diarrhea Alert



  • I just found out about the laxative effects of xylitol the hard way. Well, not that hard because it wasn't me. My girlfriend has been taking an interest in what I have been doing with the bulletproof diet, so we made her a bulletproof (very easy on the butter and oil because she is not adjusted to them) tea for breakfast today. To sweeten it we used 2 spoons of xylitol and now she is having a pretty rough day at work. 


    Does anyone have a sweetener or flavor suggestion that could make bulletproof coffees and teas more bearable for her? The bitter flavors are too strong. We use vanilla and that helps some. Any other ideas? 


    Thanks in advance. 

    "Most women in our culture, then, are disordered when it comes to issues of self-worth, self-entitlement, self-nourishment, and comfort with their own bodies; eating disorders, far from being ‘bizarre’ and anomalous, are utterly continuous with a dominant element of the experience of being female in this culture."— Susan Bordo 


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