Eating Fat By The Spoonful Now: Normal?

Hey all -- I'm a few days into my bulletproof diet. I come from a high-protein paleo IF/leangains background, so I'm already aboard the whole clean eating train, and the biggest difference in my diet is adding in a bunch more fat.

I've found in the last few days that since upping my fat intake, it's like I can't get enough.

I've been eating both coconut oil and butter (grass-fed ghee) out of the containers with a spoon. Seriously, who eats 1/4 cup of butter at a time with a spoon? I haven't been this cracked-out on food since I last had nut butters in my house.

Is this just my body reacting and saying, "omg yes, moar please!" temporarily while I fill up some much-needed fat, or is this an indication of something being off? Craving butter with this much intensity like this is feeling a little like pica.


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