Bp Yogurt Substitute?

Hey Guys.


So I found this recipe for "Tandoori Broccoli" and it sounds pretty tasty.  All ingredients appear to be BP minus the yogurt. ( not 100% sure of the unique Indian ingredients/spices until I see the food labels as the Indian Grocery today, but seems fine from what Google has to say)  


So yogurt sub?  My immediate thought is sub 1 cup yogurt for 1 cup unsalted Kerry Gold?  I know that wont really get the right texture though.  Sour cream I know is a sub but not BP.  


Yogurt is one of those things I could give 2 shits about as far as giving it up.  I wont miss it.  I take probiotics for the last 5 years anyways.  But I am serious with my cooking and aim for great tasting meals!  Hope you guys have already figured out a good yogurt sub... anxiously awaiting some reply's!




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